Your Guide To Amazon Product Bundling – Dos And Donts

Amazon is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms with arguably the most substantial customer base worldwide. Selling Amazon bundles can come with various opportunities like increased average order values, reduced shipping costs, more unique ASINs reducing the competition, and better liquidation of slow-moving inventory without a margin loss.

However, the benefits of selling amazon bundles demand you to put extra effort into understanding the nitty-gritty of the framework. This article lays out a guideline in dos and don’ts format to help you identify the most crucial elements while dealing with amazon bundles.

Amazon product bundling – What you can do

#1: Follow the official guidelines:

Follow the official guidelines from Amazon strictly. In case of any dispute or issue, you can revert back to the guidelines and be on the safe side of the harbor.

#2: Avoid BMVD bundling:

You should avoid bundling products within the Books, Music, Video, DVD, or Games categories as they are by default not allowed. Nevertheless, you can add these products as secondary/ complementary pieces within another bundle.

#3: Read the ASIN Creation Policy:

Carefully go through the ASIN creation policy as Amazon makes it mandatory to create a new ASIN for bundling. Every new product must contain a unique identifier. So, perform this action carefully.

#4: Be specific about your bundle’s content:

Always opt for writing a concise yet complete product description for every single product in your bundle. If must clearly state what gets included and what does not. Focus on those points which your customer might be looking for in a product.

#5: Unbundling is a choice:

If you find out a single product in your bundle has the ability to be more profitable while sold separately, you must unbundle it. Inform your fulfillment partner to break down your bundles so that you can have a better available inventory for sale.

#6: More return cost:

If one product makes the consumer unsatisfied, you are bound to carry the bundle back. In this situation, ensure that the warranty or service plans cover the bundle entirely. Moreover, rope in the shipping cost for both paths. If the customer sends the bundle back, the whole process costs significantly more.

#7: Devise a fulfillment plan:

Before listing your bundle for sale, you should kit products for fulfillment. Whether you use an FBA prep specialist or prefer to outsource your product fulfillment to an SFP-designated partner, labor costs will have considerable influence on the process. So, have a fulfillment plan in position, as the products won’t get bundled without any labor.

What not to do in product bundling

#1: Sell without authorization:

Do not attempt to sell a product without getting a proper license from the brand. Always get consent before selling products from another brand. If you build a bundle that includes products from competing manufacturers, you will be an easy target for any legal action. So, do not ignore this advice to avoid legal trouble.

#2: Categorizing incorrectly:

Typically, the bundle falls into the product’s category with the most expensive single ASIN. So, this should be a straightforward step for you. The only exception will be if the item with the highest price is from the BMVD category. In this case, assign the category of the next highest-priced item to the entire bundle.

#3: Considering kits or Multipacks with bundles:

Do not mistakenly consider a pre-packaged kit or multipack to be a bundle. It can sometimes be challenging to identify which one is a kit and which one is not. Because kits get specified with a single ASIN/UPC, it sells as a single product and not a bundle.

#4: Including generic items in a bundle:

While selling your products under a private label brand identity, you must register your brand with Amazon in the very beginning. This way, you can dissuade competitors from damaging your account. This approach will also save you from getting your bundle listed as generic.

Wrapping up

Selling products on Amazon can be exasperating if you don’t follow the guidelines properly. With bundling, the challenges increase with the nuances of the rules. However, if you have a stack of valuable products that can steal your audience, bundling can be an excellent method for better sales.

By Franklin Cedric