The best 3 features for your auto repair shop program

Why are you shopping for your auto shop management software? It’s either you are not satisfied with your current software, or you have outgrown it. Are you wondering where you can get the best fit software? There are many new features in different software. The concern arises when the current software fails to scale up with the growing business.

Every auto repair shop aims to grow. It aims to get potential audiences and change them into profitable clients. To expand your facilities and add more locations, you need excellent software. It should be able to grow with your business needs. You need to look for these three vital features to enable your business to grow.

  1. Seamless integration of the back office and the front office data and operations

Many auto repair shops have their front-end and back-end operations as diverse systems. The two are in separate systems that run differently. Front-end operations have the point-of-sale client interaction, and there is no interaction with the back-end operations in a business. The back-end stores help in inventory and bookkeeping data. You will never get real-time data when you use two separate systems to pass the data back and forth in your shop.

Such a situation makes managers unable to control every aspect of the business. They can’t control the following:

  • Inventory
  • Point of sale
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Business intelligence

You need a fully integrated program in your business. The front-end features should be able to read the back-end data features. You will know each client’s profitability. You will also know your recommendations and the services clients’ vehicles need.

Such software with an all-in-one platform is essential if you add additional locations. 

  1. Improve the gross profit

It’s not easy to make the business more profitable. The auto repair shop business is dynamic, with many diverse moving parts. The auto repair program needs to offer more than the point of sale and merely print invoices and quotes. Despite the number of stores you have, you need a comprehensive management system. It will help to optimize the business performance. It also needs to offer an efficient and refined management process. It needs to boost business revenue.

The program needs to try and automate your declined marketing services. It should allow service writers to recall the services a client refused on their last visit. They should use this data to upsell and prepare quotes for the client. The program should also boost ticket value. Suggest some intervals for vehicle turnups and replacements of consumable items. The consumable items can be brake fluid, oil, power steering fluid, and battery. Allow your team to cross-sell the routine maintenance service to clients.

  1. Offer the most excellent client experience

You need to empower buyers when they come to service their cars. Get software that will fully fulfill the needs of all clients to satisfaction. Your business will grow if your clients get satisfied each time, they visit your auto shop.

By Franklin Cedric