Understanding SEO Before Paying for an SEO Service

You are probably just getting started with your business and have to look for a great customer source. Or perhaps you are working for an established company and trying to increase site conversions and minimize the cost per lead. Have you been suggested to purchase SEO services? Read on to understand this kind of services before you pay for it.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

This refers to optimizing your website so it will look as great as possible to search engines such as Google. This is to make sure your website ranks as high as possible if internet users search the web. We are talking about the ten listings each page of unpaid organic results here. The search algorithm of Google determines these results which will provide searchers the most relevant websites that match their query. Anybody can click on an organic search result at no cost, unlike the paid ads section. And because it is free, it can drive plenty of traffic which makes it tough for you to get to a top position. It is important to note that small businesses and companies that are attempting to gain traction over the web tend to do better by going for more detailed and local searches which are easier to rank and less competitive.

What are SEO Services?

If you are considering buying enterprise SEO services, you are paying somebody to set up your website to have a higher likelihood of getting well-targeted traffic from search engines. But, it is not as simple as paying somebody and getting seen by searchers. It can take time and consistent effort to get ranked by search engines. Also, this covers a lot of aspects of your marketing such as:

  • Website content and site pages- These tell what your website is about.
  • Social media-Are social media users talking about and sharing your site?
  • Links-Are reputable websites linking to your domain? Your site’s credibility and relevance can be determined through this.
  • Technical SEO- This includes image alt texts, keywords strategy in title tags and text in the headers.

Should you Purchase SEO Services?

The decision to whether purchase these services or not depends upon your business, goals and revenue. If you have a small business and are just starting out, you might want to consider doing a little DIY SEO for now. You can perform a Google search and spend time reading about your topic on a number of page results.  If you choose to go this route, try to be informed as much as possible to have an answer to any questions you are likely to have later.

However, as your company grows, you will have to hire marketing professionals. It is just imperative to determine the needs of your business and the value of your online traffic to your business. This allows you to figure out how much you can afford. Remember that SEO covers many aspects mentioned above so don’t expect magic after you buy an SEO package.

Understanding search intent is important for SEO as it helps to create relevant and valuable content that matches the user’s intent. Learn more about search intent: Why It’s Important & How It Helps With SEO

Author Bio:  Clayton Johnson has been helping startups achieve their online goals. He keeps up with the latest in marketing, design and social networking.

By Franklin Cedric