Online Games – Why They Are Addicting

Video games or computer games, why are they so addictive? For sure you have noticed them that sometimes, you can’t let a day pass by without checking out your computers, not to see what’s happening but to just play! That is right, young and adults alike are all addicted with computer games, whether they are online or offline. Is it a good thing that once gets addicted with computer games? This is not a good thing and in fact, if you noticed that you or your kids are starting to get addicted, you should try to mellow down before the addiction will get worst.

This is not an easy thing to do though especially that there are really a number of computer online games that are quite addictive such as the Jeux de Friv which are designed for all ages. The reason they are addictive is because of the fact that they are just with simple mechanics just like the angry birds game before. In fact, you can also play angry birds game in friv games. Just try to find them in their category options.


How will you know if you are already addicted to computer games? Here are some of the most distinct signs:

  • You are already used to the idea of you playing computer games most of the time that you feel depressed if you are not doing so like you will feel your day is not complete. You are the happiest when you play computer games.
  • Even when you have other commitments like you need to do your homework or maybe you are supposed to meet someone, you just play computer games instead like you sacrifice other things or the consequences of not doing them. It seems that for you, the punishments are more bearable than not playing your favorite computer games.
  • You have more time spent in front of your computer rather than hanging out with friends. Yes, this is one of the most common signs that you are already addicted like you enjoy to be with your computer than with your friends.
  • You try to cover up your addictions by just laughing it off if someone will make a comment about it knowing that they have hit your weak spot. You know for sure that they are telling the truth and that you are already noticeable.


  • There are even times when you wake up in the middle of the night as you have a hard time sleeping. And instead, you just play your favorite games as for you, this is where you are most comfortable and you might be able to doze off while playing.

These are just some of the most common signs of addiction. If you are already in this situation, no matter how addictive your fave computer games are such as the friv games, you should still be in touch with the real world. It is not healthy to just dwell what the computers can provide you.

By Franklin Cedric