A Camera That Keeps You Connected: Canon’s PowerShot N

Practically anyone with a smartphone is an amateur photographer nowadays. Since almost every phone on the market has a built-in camera, taking photos just about anywhere has become a common practice, especially since everyone has an audience thanks to social media.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, all act as online platforms allowing anyone to showcase their personal life and experiences through photography. The only drawback, however, is that most smartphone’s lack cameras capable of capturing high-quality images.

A Camera

But there’s a catch-22 to this dilemma. While traditional handheldcameras allow for better photos, most lack the connectivity of a smartphone. When capturing an image on Instagram with your phone, you can instantly upload it right after you take the photo, allowing for a more organic photo-sharing system. The other option is taking a higher quality picture with a standard camera and then uploading the image hours afterwards, a process that definitely takes away from the dynamism of social media.

There is a middle ground between the two; a camera that combines the best elements of both a smartphone and traditional camera when it comes to sharing photos: Canon’s PowerShot N WiFi camera.

Equipped with built-in WiFi, the PowerShot N allows you to take a photo, then instantly share it with a variety of devices, including both Android and iPhones. Essentially, you can capture an image, then instantly send it to your phone, allowing you to upload it to your social networks within seconds.

This is known as the Mobile Device Connect Button on the Canoncamera, a feature designed to facilitate the ease of sharing photos between the Powershot N and an iOS® or Android device. A quick registration and you’ll be able to send photos to your smartphone in a single swift motion, and the process works in reverse as well. Using solely your phone, one can go through images stored on the PowerShot N without even having to touch the camera at all.

But the PowerShot N also allows you to cut out the middle man entirely. Through Canon’s Image Gateway, you can instantly upload a photo to any of your predetermined social media sites, and even create a photo album on-the-go.

Personalizing the process is the camera’s WiFi history features. After transferring a few photos to a designated device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) and account, the PowerShot N will remember the process. Soon after, you’ll be able to send images to your most-used destination with just a single touch.

Making the PowerShot N’s WiFi capabilities even more appealing is the fact that all of the above features apply to video files as well. Upload, comment on, and edit MOV video files on the fly, just like you would a photo, allowing you to share full moments of your daily adventures in the span of seconds.

We are not done yet, another feature of the Powershot N that will appeal to social media users is the Creative Shot mode. Think of Creative Shot like Instagram filters, but they are personalized. Rather than having a pre-set list of add-ons, Creative Shot mode analyzes individual images and offers you a variety of ways to add an artistic edge to the scene. No doubt all of your followers will be envious of all of your unique photos, and wondering how you do it without a professional camera or editing software.

To find out more about Canon’s PowerShot N, a camera designed for the modern photographer and social media user, head to Henry’s product listing here.

By Franklin Cedric