Keep your private data private and away from curious eyes

If someone asks you to take a photo, you will not need a camera and will most probably pull out your smart phone and capture that moment. Later, you will share that photo with friends and family right from the device itself. Such is the versatility and usefulness of the modern smart phone. And as imaging technology and Smartphone technology becomes better, this trend will continue. However, with the advent of smart phones comes the fear of private moments becoming public. You could end up with your data being shared with people who aren’t supposed to see your private data. To prevent such a situation, it is important that you get privacy software to protect your data.

Stop them from seeing your photos

Some photos are meant to be private and not meant for sharing. However, when your friend opens the gallery on your phone, all your photos are visible. Get Leo Privacy Guard and see that problem solved. Leo Privacy Guard can not only hide the gallery on your phone and lock them up; it also can put masks on private photos so that even if anyone gets into the gallery, all that can be seen is a different photo. This is among the other features available on this software.

Leo Privacy Guard

Monitor your phone condition

Leomaster Privacy guard can not only monitor your data usage and the battery condition at real time, it also lets you uninstall the useless apps without any residual data so that you can get that app you have wanted to try out. Not only that, Leo Privacy Guard lets you scan all kinds of QR codes and bar codes safely without the information falling into wrong hands. Along with a multilevel app lock, Leo Privacy Guard is the software to have on your smart phone.

By Franklin Cedric