Traffic Monsoon Meeting – The Future of Internet Marketers

It is quite exciting to see when leaders and players of Information Technology meet under one roof. What else can we expect other than these people are planning the future of everyone in the same industry? This has happened at the Traffic Monsoon meet which was sponsored by I.M Bigg Media. It was attended by several talented internet marketers and entrepreneurs who have made a great difference in theirs and others lives with the help of Traffic Monsoon. Some of the big shots include Charles Scoville of Traffic monsoon along with his wife, I.M Bigg, Onwer of Payza, Rob Fraser, Dilip Patel, Carol Mather Doherty and Firoz Patel from Payza.


Highlights of the Meet

Several people took part in praising how traffic monsoon made their lives better than before. Mr. Dilip Patel from UK told how he left the job as bus driver and became online marketer due to Traffic Monsoon followed by Carol Mather Doherty who is a nurse and Raymond Joe Graham from UK Scotsman. They take part actively in Traffic Monsoon movement.

This meet silenced the people who were posting the hatred content about Traffic Monsoon and Its CEO Charles Scoville that he would be arrested by NY authorities if he appears in public. They even posted that he would never show up because he is a scammer. They called it an illegal scheme and the company was treated as any other scamming Revenue sharing advertising company. On the other hand, this company offers membership to drive traffic from various advertising sites and sells these services at affordable price.

Additionally, when an internet marketer buys into the revenue sharing part via Traffic Monsoon ad packs and clicks the 10 ads on a daily basis, he qualifies for the revenue sharing which the site shares with him. That’s how the members get paid every hour and make money from Affordable internet advertising like never before. If the site has encountered any issue, accelerated payments make up for the lost time.

Issues addressed in the Meet

One of the major issues addressed in the meet was PayPal and its stern policies. Charles Scoville of Traffic Monsoon addressed this issue in which PayPal decided to hold its $60 million because the company is growing too fast. Due to the fast growth, PayPal wanted to review the company which is the regular practice with this giant.

Meet for Traffic

The owner of Payza also attended the meet. Payza is the major payment processor after PayPal that gives its services to Traffic Monsoon members. The service of this company has been improving with the passage of time for these members so that they can transact their money without any issue. It is easier to use the money to buy more ads and grow business like never before.

It was a great event indeed for those people who know that it is not possible to scam people and earn money. You need to be real to help others to become a genuine internet marketer. For anyone who wants to join this company, this meet proved quite helpful.

Meet for Traffic

Author Bio – Thomas Connelly is an online marketer who has actively been working on several assignments. He loves to write about what is happening in IT sector on his blog.

By Franklin Cedric