The tools you need in your phone repair shop

Phone repair is not done with bare hands. There are special tools that are designed specifically for this task that you need in order to get the job done professionally. If you ever hope to become a professional at what you do as a specialist in ipad repair or Samsung repair, you will need to research about the common tools that are used and acquire them. You don’t need all the tools for all kinds of repairs, but there are certain tools that you cannot work without. In fact, you should just start with the tools you can afford at the moment and work on acquiring the rest over time as you continue working in your new shop.

Below is a list of some of the most crucial tools you need to carry phone repair in your shop.

Screwdriver sets

All kinds of phones are designed with a lot of screws in them. Many components are held together into a phone by screws. As such, you need to have efficient screwdrivers to unscrew the screws when you are dismantling the phone. You also need screwdrivers to drive screws in. There are several brands of screwdriver sets from various manufacturers. The best kind of screwdrivers is the 5-star point screwdriver because it is designed to work screws found on smartphones. The bit driver is usually designed to rotate independently without rotating the handle of the screwdriver for more efficiency. Visit phone repair shops of some of the technicians you know and learn about the screwdrivers they use and how they work before you buy your own set.

Suction Cup Tool

While dismantling your phone, you will need to remove the screen too. Using the wrong tool can cause damage to the screen and the phone itself. Suction cup tools are designed with quick lock and release handles that generate enough suction to be able to remove smartphone and tablet screens easily. The cup is usually incorporated with rubber so that it gently holds the screen without causing scratches.

Just like screwdrivers, there are very many brands of suction cup tools you can choose from. Some are more expensive and work better than others so be sure to choose wisely. Read about the features of the tool and how much suction it is able to generate before you buy. If the suction is not enough, the tool may not be able to remove the screen effectively. There are many common brands that have reputation that you can consider.


You need tweezers for picking screws and other smaller items that fall into the body of the phone you are repairing. Tweezers are usually designed with sharp tips that allow you to easily pick screws and also hold them steady so that you can screw them into their desired slots. It is best if you choose tweezers that are anti-static so that they don’t mess with your device.

You should have a magnet mat to place your screws on when you remove them so that you don’t end up with fewer screws at the time of reassembling the phone.

By Franklin Cedric