The Popular Trends In The Global Digital Gaming Industry

Another year in the gaming industry means one more year filled with game releases, competitions, new technology, and viral trends, which will bring buzz on the internet and bring new opportunities for gamers, developers, and investors to increase revenues. Mobile games, VR and AR is a huge area of focus across the industry, however, there are some trends that you can expect this year.

Key trends in the global digital gaming market:

The mobile gaming industry wins big: the digital marketing gaming industry is on big demand, but the mobile gaming segments stand out with 25% increased revenues in 2019 and account for more than half of the revenue of the global industry. While console gaming and PC serve less to casual gamers, these platforms have a massive engagement rate. This high engagement is leading to higher growth rates in revenues and is expected to remain more like this in 2020. For more information about online games, check this site.

More avenues for monetization:

While the majority of the revenues come from China, the USA, and Europe, developers are trying to expand their markets to potential unrealized countries like India and other populated countries. India is expected to become a player in the ground of revenue generation, with a population of 133.92 crores.

 Console quality games developed for mobile:

With a huge percentage of revenue coming from mobiles, developers have confirmed to make a console-quality game that can conveniently be played on the mobile. This lead to a whole new segment of gamers when most popular games shifted to cross-platform gaming. This has also resulted in a spike in the maximum time invested in a session on mobile games.

Increase in career opportunities:

With the gaming industry experiencing the accelerated growth in the last few years, the career opportunities in gaming are expected to grow in many terms. Just like films, producing a game needs a different type of skills apart from coding. There is a requirement for the detailed design, artwork, VFX, animations, testing, conceptualization, and so on for giving you the best experience every time you play.

The global digital market currently aiming at bringing in more game makers and gamers. The opportunities this industry will showcase will only grow in the coming years.

By Franklin Cedric