Gps navigation Technology and Cell Phones

Imagine driving somewhere new, you are lost, unclear about where you stand at, and also the more you try to look for the right path the more confused you receive. Are you aware how safe the region which you are was, could it be safe to get away from your vehicle to request for directions or are you currently jeopardizing being assaulted? What if you’re threatened or assaulted, you’ve your mobile phone, dial 9-1-1, but they are not able to inform the operator how to locate you. Imagine getting any sort of accident, or seeing any sort of accident, but you’re unsure where you stand, you call 9-1-1 but they are not able to inform them where you stand. Imagine becoming ill during your vehicle, you dial 9-1-1, but become unconscious before you tell someone where you are at, the way anybody help you find? Imagine standing on a hike or ride a bike whenever you all of a sudden realize you don’t know where you stand, how would you get where you’re going back securely?

The U.S. FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has mandated the E911 (Enhanced 911) which mandates that the place associated with a mobile phone accustomed to call 9-1-1 can be established. The program is split into a double edged sword the very first requires service providers to report the phone quantity of the caller and the position of the antenna that received the phone call. The 2nd part requires service providers to have the ability to give a more precise location. This can require the producers to set up a Gps navigation receiver in most mobile phones. The advantage of this not just implies that a mobile phone could be rapidly situated, however that mobile phones will have a way to get driving directions, and for use like a hands-held Gps navigation from the vehicle.

You will find two ways in which a Gps navigation mobile phone may be used to get driving directions. The very first is a subscription to some Gps navigation navigation service, that is becoming available but is restricted at this time around. The 2nd strategy is by way of an application program. Having the ability to sign up for a navigation service has its own disadvantages, if you’re outdoors your coverage area your navigation functions will not work. Plus, you don’t only need to buy a Gps navigation mobile phone, you have to also pay a collection up fee along with a fee every month and become within three month to 1 year contract.

The 2nd method of getting driving directions is to find an application program, but you must have a compatible mobile phone. The programs and maps take presctiption a memory and there’s you don’t need to pay a regular monthly fee because the maps have been in the telephone you aren’t determined by a GPRS connection.

If you wish to bring your Gps navigation mobile phone along with you while from your vehicle, in addition to integrated Gps navigation mobile phones, you will find Gps navigation add-ons available also.

An additional advantage to getting a mobile phone with Gps navigation technologies are that oldsters know where their kids are anytime (as lengthy because they possess the phone together). Some service providers are providing this child location service like a ‘peace of mind’ feature. There’s often a monthly fee with this service.

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By Franklin Cedric