Follow These Simple Tips for Installing Nordvpn on Amazon Firestick

Most people surf the internet using traditional computers, smartphones and tablets and believe they are anonymous. As long as they have updated browsers and firewalls, they believe their privacy is protected. However, there are scammers and hackers looking to get information in all possible ways. To maximize the privacy of the OS, it’s important to combine it with a good private VPN service or set up internet connections without the use of a local internet service provider (ISP).NordVPN is one of the best VPN options available today, and you can set up and install NordVPN on Amazon Firestick for Kodi. While there are two processes for achieving that and we will talk about both, you should consider checking, which offers both options with screenshots that you cannot go wrong with the steps.

Basic things to know

You can find many details related to installing NordVPN on the Amazon Firestick. For the uninitiated, Nord VPNis an Android app that can be downloaded easily from the Play Store, although it wasn’t really designed for Amazon Firestick. As such, you have to be a tad more careful about following the steps for installation. NordVPN is fairly inexpensive, and some of the extended period deals are quite cheap, especially if you look for 3-year plans. There are posts specifically for using VPNs for Netflix, but since the digital content streamer tends to block all VPNs, you need to be careful. NordVPN is one of the few virtual private networks that still work for Netflix too.About installing Nord VPN on FireStick

Please note that there are two basic options – One involves using an Android device, while the other one can be done without it. Using an Android phone or tablet for installing Nord VPN on FireStick works better, but the process is a long-drawn one. You will need the phone to download three apps – Open VPN for Android, Apps2Fire, and Es File Explorer. The rest of the process can be followed easily. As mentioned, you can check some of the better blogs for the steps. The second choice requires you to have a FireStick, which is capable of accepting apps from other sources. This can be enabled easily in the settings section. You will find the Developer Options, where you can turn on the option – “Apps from Unknown Sources.”.Always follow the screenshots for effective installation and make sure to use the same Wi-Fi for your Android Device and Amazon Firestick.

By Franklin Cedric