Divulging the secrets of time-lapse video – Beginners, pay attention!

You must be aware of the fact that including a time-lapse video can enhance the nuance and drama of your photography project. Shooting such videos is informative, fun and also easy to grasp. The ultimate trick is to stay at the right place where you get a detailed display of nature. You may have visualized something in your mind but when you take a step to shoot that, that might need a few tries but the effort that you put in will be worth it, especially if the blast of colors and light takes place while capturing the shot. The results of this can be either a hit or a miss, similar to other filmmaking and photographic pursuits. Hence, it’s vital to set the shoot in such a way that it improves your chances of emerging successful. Check out few tips and tricks to shoot time-lapse videos in the best possible way.

#1: Set the settings of the camera to the time-lapse mode

As long as capturing time-lapse videos are concerned, there are few things that you should consider taking into account. Firstly, you should set the camera in a time lapse mode or in an animation mode and then you have to buy an intervalometer to set the body of the specific camera. Intervalometers are third-party gadgets which let you to focus the release of a shutter and set the camera settings. You can go through more on shooting time-lapse videos on miops.com and check out their gadgets which can let you alleviate the stress of taking time-lapse videos.

#2: Secure the movement of the camera by a tripod

If you don’t want any kind of unnecessary movement of the camera which can spoil your efforts of a time-lapse video, it is necessary that you lock the tripod and also add a little bit of weight to prohibit any kind of movement due to weather or wind conditions. How about attaching a sandbag to the tripod along with a carabiner? In case the weather is harsher, you can stake the tripod to the ground with a rope to prevent any action.

#3: Polarized ND filters can help you

In case you’re planning about capturing the time-lapse during the daytime, you should never forget about adding a polarizer to the lens. Also make sure you plan for exposure whenever the sun is at its strongest level. Don’t be afraid to underexpose footage which you shoot during the initial part of the day.

#4: Flag the camera with a c-stand

Using a light stand or a c-stand, make sure you clamp a flag on top of the camera. This camera flag will not just prevent the unnecessary lens flares but it can even keep the camera pretty cool within a shade.

#5: Let go of any foreign object on the lens

When you’re on the shoot, take a close look at the lens for any foreign object or debris. If there are, remove them and adjust the camera accordingly. You can also have a camera duster or stay compressed.

Therefore, if you’re trying to go for a time-lapse photography make sure you follow the above mentioned tricks and tips to end up with best results.

By Franklin Cedric