3G Technology In Africa – An Emphasis On Nigeria

The development being recorded within the Telecoms industry in Africa and Nigeria particularly, inside the short time mobile communication began is tremendous. Nigerian telecommunication may be the biggest and also the quickest growing in Africa and may compete positively globally when it comes to rate of growth. With unified certification in position, providers possess the capacity to broaden there services.

Requirement for a corresponding development in Mobile Technology

Because the rapid development in the sphere continues to be established, there needs to be considered a corresponding development in we’ve got the technology that will drive it. If the technology in position now’s sufficient may be the issue one needs to consider, but there’s every requirement for us to succeed and enhance what we should have on the floor now, the caliber of service on offer to consumers needs to be high and also the prices right.

Using the second generation (2G) technology already being used, it allows data to become moved limited to the speed of 14.4kbps, with voice and SMS sent in the same speed. we have seen using GPRS(general packet radio service)allowing for mobile products to become connected permanently to systems in the speed of the dial -up access to the internet. Which assists you to connect to the internet with this cell phones as well as deliver multimedia messaging (MMS).This particular service is fast attaining grounds here. It’s also altered the way in which GSM phones are utilized today.

The long run is Multimedia

We’ve got the technology evolving today is really that will permit full multimedia encounters, permitting customers to download videos, make video calls, download contents on the internet, picture messaging, make voice calls, send SMS,along with other services already being used. Each one of these need to be sent in a greater speed than we now have. We’ve got the technology may be the much hyped third generation mobile technology (3G).This enables data transmission in a greater speed of say 2mbps.

Shall we be there yet?

Using what I observe globally, 3G technologies are a developmental process which needs ‘t be rushed, this particular service grew to become broadly being used in Europe in 2004 and that i still don’t believe it’s been fully deployed there. I fight to be prepared for what some providers here say, that they have their systems running on the 3G. I view it as not true since the clients should experience a minimum of enhanced service quality and elevated speed of fundamental programs for example web surfing, content download, email etc with what they provide, this in my experience may be the initial stage of 3G.You are able to agreed beside me that such services aren’t yet in position, why the hype about this. Providers should think about these 4 elements service quality provided, selection of the service, prices, and excellence of coverage inside a 3G network. The best infrastructure needs to maintain place too.

3G when fully in position will certainly change the way you use our GSM phones and improve our mobile lifestyle in Nigeria. Getting stated everything, the long run is actually vibrant and promising for all of us. With huge investments being produced in the sphere, 2007 may be the start of this evolution for all of us. The way forward for mobile communication is 3G!

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By Franklin Cedric