Why Do Server Rooms Need Close Control Air Conditioning Systems?

While it’s true that for most private people and businesses, air conditioning is a luxury that helps to make their home or work environment more comfortable, for some businesses it is essential. For these businesses an effective air conditioning system can mean the difference between success and complete systems failure. The IT industry is probably one of the industries that rely most heavily on air conditioning. In fact, they need a very specific unit called a close control air conditioning system.

Why Is It So Important For Server Rooms To Have Air Conditioning?

Server rooms get incredibly from all of the equipment. You will know, if you’ve ever entered a server room or data centre, just how hot it can get, particularly if it is not properly ventilated. Although each computer may not emit much heat on its own, server rooms can contain hundreds or thousands of little computers each creating some heat 24 hours a day, and together they can produce an enormous amount of heat. It is similar to leaving a fan heater on in a cupboard. The level of heat that is generated is not just unpleasant to anyone in the room, it can also cause damage to the equipment itself. The memory banks, CPU and motherboard can all be damaged by the interference of the external heat on the internal cooling systems. The servers can fail completely if the excessive heat causes the circuits to fry. Opening a door is no solution unfortunately; the room needs a close control air conditioning unit.

What’s Wrong With A Standard Air Conditioning Unit?

The way an air conditioning unit works is by removing heat from the inside, and transferring it out through its system of refrigerated chemicals. This is the way hot and humid air is removed quickly, and replaced with dry, chilled air. The effects of this process can take some time depending on the amount of heat that needs to be extracted, and the size of the space. The main reason these standard air conditioning systems are not suitable for server rooms is the fact that they cannot be monitored remotely, and can be volatile. For a server room, you need a system that allows you to regulate the temperature effectively, and that is accessible remotely, allowing you to monitor and change the temperature easily. This is what a close control air conditioner does.

What Is A Close Control Air Conditioning System?

In a regular building, the air conditioning spreads throughout the whole building and is run on an open control circuit. This method of cooling diffuses the cold air. This is perfect for bringing large areas of space to an overall even temperature. A close control air conditioning system is designed to keep small areas of space cool. For areas of space that need to be kept to very strict levels of humidity and temperature, close control air conditioners are the most effective option. These systems use a close circuit of precision air conditioning that only operates in a specific, small area. They are perfect for efficiently cooling clean rooms, operating theatres, telecom switching stations, server environments, and data centres.

When choosing a server room, it is important to take into account the space that will be needed for an air conditioning unit as well as the rest of the equipment. Our expert team members will be able to design a bespoke close air conditioning system that will be perfect for your space and technical specs. For a free design consultation, contact our friendly team today!
By Franklin Cedric