When Should I Consider Reroofing My Home to make it Energy Efficient?

Are you spotting loose shingles on your roof? Is your roof discolored? Do you live in an area with heavy snowfall and or hail? Then it may be time for you to consider reroofing your home. Reroofing a home is a huge financial endeavor. It doesn’t matter if the homeowner decides to have a fiberglass shingle roof or the more expensive standing seam metal roof installed, both options are likely going to break the bank of any homeowner that isn’t fairly wealthy.

There are two ways of going about reroofing: the first is installing new shingles on top of the old, this technique takes less time and is less expensive but can be risky. The second technique is to have your old roof shingles removed and then have the new shingles installed on the bare roof deck. The labor involved in removing all of the old shingles can be expensive, it should also be noted that disposing of the old roofing materials properly is incorporated into the total cost. While reroofing atop old shingles is the cheaper option, this technique normally results in a roof that doesn’t last as long. It is important to understand that reroofing is a long process, do not make any plans with a contractor unless you’re sure that you won’t mind having a group of people working on your home for days and maybe even weeks depending on how large your home is. It is not recommended to start this process during the winter months.

While just reroofing your home to fix any problems your roof has is one great option to help the energy efficiency of your home you can also go the route of completely installing a new roof to help keep your home running better.  One option is to install solar panels on your roof.  This is a growing technology that is becoming increasingly cheaper to add to residential homes.  Many people are turning to this because the advancement in the solar panel technology has brought a lot of benefits to the home owner.  That being said it is an expensive upfront cost.  Other options include talking to a roofing contractor about getting a green roof installed, or going with metal roofing.  These two options are both great ways to go green and help the environment.

So whether you are looking to just repair your roof or go with the newest technology out there to help make your home look and run better than it ever has in the past make sure you do it right.  Hire the right professionals or make sure you are skilled enough before starting the project yourself.

By Franklin Cedric