What You Need To Know About Salesforce Deduplication

The issue of duplicate data is a problem for the CRM community whether it is leads, contacts or accounts. The duplicates can enter into the system through a variety of ways. Here are some ways through which duplicates enter into the Salesforce system:

CRM community

  • Integration in Internal system
  • Mistakes in on boarding
  • Importing data
  • Through lead generation sites
  • Common mistakes of humans

Common mistakes humans

When the problem becomes prolific then Salesforce deduplication of bundled up data becomes more time consuming and maddening. Users may create new duplicates and also the systems integrated may be doing the same but all will be autonomously and unseen. It is a similar thing like mopping a floor with the shoes being muddy! The task will never end and the duplicates will always be there. It is also an impossible task to remove all the duplicate data using Salesforce merge feature. It gives only a three items merge limitation which is an issue. Administrators may just use this tool and say that now the problem does not exist but the fact is the deduplication needs more structured and regular handling. The duplicates remain in the system and keep on multiplying due to integrated systems and human errors.

Salesforce deduplication

How to perform Salesforce deduplication?

There are a number of applications available in the market which can help in performing the task of Salesforce deduplication. They may boast of several features like easy to use interface, easy integration, low prices and etc. But choosing the best Salesforce deduplication tool is the onus of the administrator. For this RingLead is the app which prevents duplicates in a great fashion. They can prevent a duplicate web form, upload list or manual entry before it is actually saved as a new record in the system. They can add a pre-existing record to a campaign or add a field value to trigger content or communication. RingLead has world class Salesforce data deduplication and data cleansing applications for merging pre-existing data in the system.

Salesforce deduplication

The user does not have to manage the duplicate matching criteria when using RingLead. It does it all for the user. The tool is easy to use and does a fantastic job of calling out the majority of duplicates. Data duplication is a big problem for the Salesforce teams and managing the duplicates and removing them is a big task for them. Using RingLead there is an assurance that nothing will be deleted and the records that are merged will go into the Salesforce Trash bin for 30 days. This helps you in ensuring that no information is lost.

By Franklin Cedric