What should I know before choosing Telephone Systems Direct?

The first aspect that you need to take into consideration is that Telephone Systems Direct have been installing business telephone systems so you can rest assured because you are doing business with experienced telecommunication professionals. At your company’s expense there is no learning. You must also take into account the fact that you are joining an over 3 thousand businesses which have had installations performed by Telephone Systems Direct.

Telephone Systems Direct which is dealing with business telephone systems installations has grown organically and is a 100% cash funded company. It has even purchased a vehicle fleet. It has no debts because it has zero leases, loans, borrowings or overdrafts, thus they are a financially stable telecommunications supplier.

In order to become familiar with and like your telephone engineer and helpdesk people you will encounter the long term staff retention. Their main aim is to give you the personal relationship benefits that the United Kingdom used to experience before the privatization of the UK telephony industry. Take into account that you will be assigned the same person for ulterior add-ons or faults in order to make you build rapport with your help team.

Your maintainer is properly equipped with spares, diagnostic tools and knowledge thanks to the Samsung Platinum Service Guarantees. Samsung conducts independent audits on your behalf annually. During unforeseeable disasters that may occur, your technical support is competent enough to grant you your firm’s resilience.

Due to the lower costs of sale via phone and internet, they have ongoing unbeatable discounts for business telephone systems. Because of the huge volume of customers that belong to Samsung, they can pass on the benefit of buying power to the customer.

Whenever you will contact customer support, you can rest assured because you are dealing with the best agents that can aid you regarding whatever issue you have. Automated attendant will be available only out of office hours.

Remember that your phone systems installation can be located anywhere in the United Kingdom excluding NI. You will find in London and in the South East the largest number of their telephone system deployments but also in The Channel Islands, Isle of Wight and the Isle of Man. Their telecoms engineer will actually be deployed from their Northern base.

For billing enquiries you will be given solution for calls and line rental that will save your organization and provide you with England based staff. Human beings will answer your calls, no automated attendants, thus you will not be caught in a call queuing system. Their customers spend millions of pounds per year , so when dealing with Telephone Systems Direct, the price will be cheaper.

They take their time to book you leased lines for data, VoIP and MPLS. This way, your management time will be kept to a minimum and you will be given a place to contact whenever reporting increasing capacity or faults.

Aren’t you convinced of joining them yet? Give it a shot! You won’t regret your decision.

By Franklin Cedric