What are the Services Offered by Microsoft Azure?

In the era of technical advancements, cloud computing technology has reached its pinnacle. The big-shot technological companies have released their best cloud computing arsenal and are consistently indulged in their improvements. There is a cut-throat competition among them to bring to the surface the best cloud computing platform ever. Microsoft Azure has surely made its mark among the techies these days. It has been in demand for a very long time, and now it has been released, it has captured everyone’s attention after the release of Azure Stack. Read on for the services offered by Microsoft Azure.

  1. Computational Services by Microsoft Azure

Probably the best thing you will learn about Microsoft Azure is its laaS feature that lets you launch general purpose virtual machines in Microsoft Windows and Linus platforms. It also enables preconfigured machine images for almost every software package. PaaS features allow the developers to publish and handle websites and apps easily.

  1. Storage Services by Microsoft Azure

The file services provided by Azure lets data storage and access on the cloud by utilizing the REST APIs and SMB protocols. Queue services enable programs to interact in an asynchronous fashion with the help of queries.

  1. Mobile Services by Microsoft Azure

HockeyApp made for mobile devices can be used for development, distribution and beta-testing mobile apps. Mobile Engagement aspect in the Microsoft Azure solicits the real-time analytics that explicitly displays the user behavior as well as sends push notifications to the mobile phones.

  1. Data Management by Microsoft Azure

Azure search feature enables text-search as well as a subset of Odata’s structured filters with the help of SDK APIs or REST. Azure also lets handling data-intensive queries on datasets that is more than 1GB via its data warehousing service which is called SQL Data Warehouse.

By Franklin Cedric