Virtual AGM Singapore: Everything You Need To Know About It

With advancements in technology, a lot of things can be done online. From meeting near and dear ones to conducting important meetings, all can be done online. Virtual AGM is also served the same purpose. AGM stands for annual general meetings. Thus, one can easily see that virtual AGM is usually meant for companies, organizations, and associations. It is an online platform where companies can organize a meeting with their colleagues and discuss important issues. Some of the features of this online platform are listed below:

  • Invitation and registration options
  • Online voting and polling
  • Live and post-event analysis
  • Reminders and notifications, etc.

Virtual AGM in Singapore

Today the world is facing a lot of difficulties because of coronavirus. Many business companies have shut down, and some companies are not able to work further. Technological advancements eliminate this drawback. People are engaged in work from home, online meetings and conferences, etc. So is the case in Singapore. The government here has passed a law that allows companies to conduct AGMs (Annual General Meetings).


  • One may feel that he or she is working in an actual meeting environment rather than a virtual one. Virtual AGM ensures quick transfer of information to colleagues and fellow employees. The post analysis details also help in conveying proper information to the participants in meetings.
  • Being conducted online, people can join easily from anywhere. All they need is a good internet connection and a smart device through which they can join. All the people have to get registered before the actual meeting to be present on the meeting day. Thus, this step also ensures restricted entry. Only those people can join who have got themselves registered. Rest may not be allowed to enter.
  • The meetings also help in any kind of disruptions. The online voting and polling system helps people to clear their doubts and any kind of questions. Even they can use the text box and write their disputes or queries.

Thus, Virtual AGM Singapore is a good platform, and other countries must also use this platform to conduct safe and efficient meetings or conferences.

By Franklin Cedric