Top 5 Parental Controls for Android to Keep Your Teen Out of Trouble

Parental controls are being used worldwide because parents want to keep tabs on their kids’ digital activities. However, as they increase in popularity, their quantity is also go up in order to satisfy the customers and beat the competition. As of now, there are tons of parental control apps available in the market and it can become pretty difficult for parents to decide which one to invest in. Knowing that, we have outlined five of the best apps for the job of keeping kids protected online.


ShieldMyTeen has topped our list because of its notable monitoring features. With the help of this app, parents can monitor kids’ SMS and MMS, block any content that they deem harmful, control app access, view browsing history, keep track of device location, and basically do everything that’s necessary to keep youngsters out of harm’s way. ShieldMyTeen is equipped with plenty of features and all of them work incredibly well. Parents who are worried about their teens putting their privacy and security at risk while using mobile devices and the internet should definitely give this app a try.

Kids Place

Kids Place has created quite a cult following for itself because of its amazing features. Parents can use this app to block certain calls and wireless signals. If the children are spending a large chunk of their time on the web, then parents just have to disable the signals and the internet will turn off. Furthermore, parents can block apps from being downloaded, which is another extremely useful feature. It’s a great app and it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot.


This is another essential app that must be invested in before handing over smartphones to kids. It allows parents to restrict children’s access to Google Play so they can’t download anything they aren’t supposed to. Moreover, it includes Wowzer, which is actually a browser designed specifically for the kids. Safe search is enabled in this browser, which means that kids won’t be visiting any adult website. If you are having problems with your kids’ online activity, then Famigo comes highly recommended.


mSpy is another app that has been around for quite some time now, and for the right reasons. It has been used worldwide because of its remarkable monitoring features that enable parents to keep tabs on almost all the digital activity of their kids. They are able to see who their youngsters are talking to, what kind of stuff they are saying to each other, what kind of images and videos they’re sharing, what they are posting on social networks, etc. It’s a complete app, but can get complicated for people who aren’t good with technology.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny for Android allow parents to filter the website content to make it viewable for younger audience. All the hate speech, alcohol, drugs, or crime related discussion can be filtered. Furthermore, it enables parents to block all kind of pornographic content as well. That’s not all though, as parents can also block or allow certain apps to operate on their kids’ phone. All of these features work in tandem to offer parents a peace of mind that their youngsters aren’t putting themselves in danger online.

By Franklin Cedric