The SSL Certificate: An Amazing Tool for Information Security

What Is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a type of technology used to encrypt and secure sensitive data like credit card numbers, passwords, usernames, and other private information sent over the Internet. Website pages secured with SSL are marked with “HTTPS” in the URL.

Why Is There a Need for SSL Certificates?

Any entity responsible for transferring sensitive data over the Internet (such as software, individuals, devices, and computers) should utilize SSL. Sensitive data includes credit cards, passwords, and usernames, as well as any other type of information that should be kept private.

Why Pick SSL Over the Alternatives? knows that electronic security ought to be easy to use and open to everybody without compromising the integrity of the product.’s mission is to offer an optimal client experience.

Free Trial Version of an SSL Certificate

A trial certificate allows the client to install SSL and test it for themselves. Our free trial SSL certificates will function and install in a manner indistinguishable from a standard certificate; however, the name of the site proprietor does not appear on it. The trial certificate presents itself as only a test.

Types of SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are available in different types. They also come in different price ranges depending on the kinds of features they include. Some types are listed below.

  • Free SSL certificates
  • Wildcard SSL certificates
  • Shared SSL certificates
  • Dedicated SSL certificates

There are two main purposes of an SSL certificate: one, to identify a business website, and two, to maintain the privacy of confidential information.

By Franklin Cedric