The Safest Smartphone Ever?

Chinese manufacturer Gionee has answered the prayers of those looking for a more effective method for keeping their smartphone data safe with the release of its newest flagship models.

The M6 and M6 Plus models come complete with a revolutionary built in encryption chip.

It has become more and more common for smartphones to contain email, photographs and contact information, as well as finance and banking apps, health information, and also corporate information

The kind of hardware encryption utilized in this built in chipprotects user call records, photos, documents, notes and other sensitive information in a way that no other phone can currently match.

The encryption process is irreversible and prevents brute force password attacks. Each encrypted chip is bound to its phone’s CPU, and is impossible to crack by cloning.

Safest Smartphone 1 Safest Smartphone 1 Safest Smartphone

The chip carries RAM, ROM and Eflash(a self-operating system) to ensure the encryption andauthentication of related keys and parameters run inside the chip, information that is inaccessible externally.

Most smartphone companies, specifically those building Android phones, tend to focus their privacy and security efforts on software, while others, like Apple, have also turned their attention to hardware, with Touch ID being the prime example. Despite its efficacy, Touch ID is still lacking when it comes to what is stored on the smartphone – as soon as someone manages to pass through the lock screen, information can be freely viewed.

With the encryption chip introduced in the new M6 and M6 Plus models, users get dual protection of their data, as it not only can’t be seen if the user chooses to hide it, but even if the Android system gets hacked, the data can be accessed but not seen, as everything is encrypted.

Other specs for the M6 include a 5.5 inch, 1080p display, powered by a MediaTek 8 core processor and running on an amigo3.5 system (based on Android 6.0). The phone also features a 13-megapixel primary camera on the rear and an8-megapixel front shooter.

In keeping with Gionee’s historical focus on improving battery life in smartphones, the M6 is equipped with a huge and long-lasting lithium-ion polymer battery, and when the battery does eventually run out, a dual chip fast charge feature works to improve the speed of recharging.

Another interesting feature is the reverse charging capability, which offers the ability to charge other devices using a special reverse charging cable.

Weighing in at 180 grams, the M6 is not a lightweight, but is a hardworking smartphone that is not top-notch for security, but also delivers for your everyday smartphone needs.


By Franklin Cedric