Reasons to Go Smoke-Free

Smoking has long been a part of the Australian culture and social sphere. Popping out for a ciggie is nothing new in the workplace or while having a few pints at the pub. In fact, there are around 2.6 million smokers in Australia. Despite the continued popularity of cigarettes, there are many reasons for these smokers to make a change. The future of smoking has arrived in Australia from the United States and Britain in the form of electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) and vapourisers.

Cigarettes have been taking a hard hit from the health and nutrition industries for years now. The warnings about smoking, which are even detailed on packs of cigarettes, are frequently tied to tobacco. Luckily, the new alternatives of e-cigarettes and vapourisers deliver a combination of chemicals that mimic nicotine without the presence of tobacco. The lack of tobacco also means a lack of smoke, which is great for smokers and those around them.

Better Lifestyle Without the Smoke

While many of the complaints and health arguments against smoking focus on the very real health risks for smokers, secondhand smoke is also a major problem. When people smoke traditional cigarettes in a public place, or even in the home, this decision also affects the other individuals in the area. These people are unwillingly subjected to possibility of cancer and other health issues because of secondhand smoke.

However, e-cigarettes from Vaper Empire allow smokers to engage in smoking without this consequence to others. This is a great alternative for people who have children in their homes or cars or are in restaurants or bars where smoke would be sure to waft towards others. E-cigarettes or vapourisers do not emit the harmful smoke from tobacco, but instead produce a harmless vapour that immediately disappears. Even in an enclosed space or crowded bar, e-cigarettes can be enjoyed without anyone else even noticing.

Additionally, because e-cigarettes do not emit smoke, they also do not have the smelly side effects that plague cigarette smokers. One of the constant complaints about smokers is the persistent, pestering smell of the smoke. It seeps into clothing and clings to furniture and carpet within the home. While many smokers learn to ignore or even like it, the lingering smell of cigarette smoke can be repellent and distasteful to others.

Rising Cost of Cigarettes

The Australian government is constantly raising the tax on cigarettes across all states in the country. The cost for a single pack of cigarettes in Victoria is now more than $30.00. It is slightly cheaper to buy loose tobacco and rolling papers, but similar taxes are also raising the cost of rolling your own cigarettes. Over the course of a single month, a regular smoker will spend over $1000 to maintain the habit. The hefty cost to smokers is a great reason to try e-cigarettes or a vapouriser.


E-Cigarettes Are the Future

Overall, e-cigarettes are better for the smoker and others. They are a more respectful and enjoyable way to have the positive effects of smoking without all of the negatives. For all of these reasons, e-cigarettes and vapourisers are the future of smoking, and if you are a new or lifelong smoker it is time to give this alternative way of smoking a try.

By Franklin Cedric