Planning your Way for a Successful Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Most of you must have heard that planning is essential in everything. It would not be wrong to suggest that the statement holds true for most occasions. Let us see whether the saying could plan your pay-per-click program in a successful manner. To keep in simple, let us compile a list of required questions or tasks for planning successfully your pay-per click campaign.

pay-per click campaign

The compiled list of questions has been as follows.

  • How would you assess Unique Selling Proposition of your product?
  • How would you measure pay-per-click campaign results?
  • How would you assess the value of every keyword phrase?
  • How would you establish the ROI goal for pay-per-click campaign?
  • How would you set the target for conversion rate for pay-per-click advertisements?
  • How would you set the target rate for click-through for pay-per-click advertisements?
  • How would you set start and end dates for pay-per-click campaign?
  • How would you set your goals and objectives for pay-per-click campaign?
  • How would you set a budget for pay-per-click campaign?

pay-per click campaign

The foremost task would be to assess the USP or Unique Selling Proposition of the product. In case, you want to stand out from the crowd with your business, you would be required to provide adequate services and products, complementary services, delivery mechanism, pricing, guarantees and any feature related to your business.

The second most important task would be to plan to measure the result of the campaign along with the objectives and goals or targets that you have established. In case, you have a proper tools and structure on the website, you should be able to capture the requisite information.

Pay Per-Click

In order to determine the value of every keyword phrase, you have to divide the average number of new customers every month by the average number of monthly visitors for getting the actual percentage of visitors who would actually become customers.

For establishing the ROI goal, you would have to assess the ROI goals for company investments and apply it to pay-per-click campaign.

The conversion rate would be measured when the visitors click on the advertisement and initiate the next step such as subscribe, register, purchase and so on.

Pay Per-Click

The click-through rate would be determined when the number of times the advertisement has been clicked against the total number of impressions.

To determine the start and end date would enable you to start the campaign and close it at your discretion.

Most pay-per-click search engines such as Euclid Marketing offers automated budgeting mechanisms for controlling the cost of pay-per-click campaign.

By Franklin Cedric