Learn About the Amazing Features of Garmin Vivofit 2 Activity Tracker

Garmin is the company that produces and brings powerful GPS watches and activity trackers to people. This company keeps introducing updated, stable and improved version at regular interval of time.  This helps people experience better and advanced functionality.

“VivoActive” is a smart watch released in 2014 with an inbuilt activity tracking functions and GPS. Their latest addition is the Vivofit 2, which is the higher version of the original Vivofit. This device offers a lot many features to the professional athletes.

Advantages of Vivofit 2 Activity Tracker

Vivofit 2 Activity tracker is a perfect instrument to fitness conscious people. It has numerous features that assist in your exercise routine. It offers a series of benefits to the user. Some of them are:

  • Tracks calories, steps, distance, pace, sleep, weight
  • Provide accurate tracking of activities
  • Resistant to water to 5ATM
  • Built-in CR1632 battery. This battery is replaceable and has one year battery life
  • Customized accessory bands
  • Beeping sound to idle alert
  • Ability to work without using mobile devices
  • Backlit display
  • Ability to efficiently connect to heart rate ANT+ monitors
  • Wireless synchronize functionality in the background
  • Easy integration of third party applications


The Garmin is one of the best companies that deliver top quality VivoFit 2 bands. Vivofit 2 bands look same as that of the original one. It has minor changes such as increased thickness. It has feather light removable tracker along with customized accessory bands for easy and efficient use during activity.


Vivofit 2 offer crystal clear and sharp display in the day. On activation of the backlit display feature, it is switched into a visible mode in the night. There is a control node that allows the user to browse through different functions and select them with the help of short and long presses.

This device has energy saving feature that leads the display to go off automatically after remaining idle for some time. Synchronization keeps running in the background throughout the day.

Secure Grip

With a robust lock contraption, the wristband stays efficiently and securely on the wrist. It is not only affordable, but also looks very nice on the wrist. This wristband is enabled with waterproof features up to five ATM.

This makes it easy to wear it while indulging in shower or taking a shallow swim. You would get wristbands in different sizes that provide a comfortable fit to every person.

Activity tracking

The Vivofit 2 is an efficient device that can help track activities such as step count, calories and distance. You are provided with elaborate statistics such as:

  • Time and date
  • Heart rate when the device is connected to heart rate monitor via Bluetooth
  • Steps taken
  • Steps left to attain your objective
  • Distance covered
  • Idle alert bar
  • Number of calories burnt

Use of Vivofit 2 device is very easy and intuitive. When wearing this band, you can enjoy several different functionalities that make your exercise more effective and result oriented. With so many alluring benefits, use of this device is the much-needed requirement for any fitness lover.

By Franklin Cedric