Learn a New Skill This Summer with Henry’s Learning Lab

Are you like me? By that, I mean do you buy digital cameras to take amazing photographs with, but skip the part where you learn how to properly use them? Getting a DSLR is exciting! But the learning curve that emerges when you realize you don’t know what the many buttons on your new camera do is not.

Luckily for us, Henry’s has a solution to your digital camera confusion. Henry’s photography courses provide students with the opportunity to enhance their picture-taking capabilities. Called the Henry’s Learning Lab, these courses are taught by experienced professionals who already understand how a camera works, including the variety of interfaces and functionalities that come with them. Henry’s instructors also have a hands-on approach, making it easier for photography beginners to get a good grasp on how to handle a camera.

These classes aren’t just for beginners – Henry’s Learning Lab courses cover a number of different topics that are at different levels. If you want to boost your photography creativity, these photography courses offer you that opportunity as well. Students can choose between courses that teach them how to use a specific DSLR or point-and-shoot camera, or can choose courses that teach more advanced photography techniques like composition, low light photography, video, and how to photograph children. There are also courses that teach you how to use photograph-enhancing programs like Adobe Lightroom. In the Adobe Lightroom: Fixing Photos Learning Lab course, participants can learn about processing photos in the program, including how to navigate the more advanced tools and techniques.

Henry’s also offers courses on the latest photography technology. At the end of June, Henry’s will be offering a course on Drone photography. The Flying Cameras 101: Ground School course will teach student the proper way to assemble and maintain a drone, as well as how to safely and confidently take photos and videos from the bird-eye perspective that Drones provide.

You can take a Henry’s course at any of their 28 locations across Canada. To learn more about what each location offers, visit the Henry’s Learning Lab location page for more information.

You can also visit the Henry’s Learning Lab website to learn more about the different courses they have available including in-class learning, online learning, and live events. Take advantage of the time-off you have this summer by learning new photography skills and putting them to the test on your next vacation! With the beautiful warm weather and events that are going to take place over the next few months, you’ll have ample opportunity to put your new skills to good use.

By Franklin Cedric