Laser tag is all the rage now. Find out why below.

The purpose of Laser Tag is to capture your opponent’s flag before time runs out. Laser Tag is meant to be a safe recreation for people of all ages. Players are allotted time to adjust their equipment and prepare themselves before play begins. There will also be someone monitoring players during this period so they do not cheat by leaving the designated playing area.

To capture another player’s flag, you must shoot them while they hold it up in front of them or get close enough to touch it without taking damage from shots fired at you from opponents (known as “tagging”). In order to tag a player without shooting them directly, keep aiming and close in on them.

In Laser tag, players wear vests equipped with infrared-sensitive targets on them. Laser tag is a team game that can be played in either an indoor or outdoor arena, usually indoors for safety reasons and to allow players more time before the next group’s turn begins.

Laser Tags work by projecting light onto targets via beams from one or both lasers (in addition to sensors) on each gun. The Laser guns are connected to the computer, which keeps score and assigns player points. The game is scored by awarding one point for each tag (hit) on an opposing team member’s target; a “tag” consists of firing at the opponent while they hold their gun up or coming in contact with it without being hit out of combat from shots fired at them by opponents.

Safety regulations include the use of protective eyewear, as well as an area with no obstacles or other objects that can obstruct your field of view. Make sure to account for this before renting any gear! This way no one gets stuck playing on their own while everybody else has fun with friends! To ensure you play safe and have fun contact Laser Tag Singapore.

By Franklin Cedric