Know About Front-End, Back End & Full Stack Web Development

Have you ever been confused about front end, back end or even the full stack web development? Well, there is nothing to confuse as there are two major steps of web development considering today’s trends- one is front end and the other is back end development. There are some rare unicorns with the specialized talent of doing the both- they offer the full stack web development services. If you’re looking forward to a well-known frontend development company you shouldn’t worry about the back end services. As they recruit back end professionals as well so that they can offer both front end and back end development of your website.

Front end web development

The front end development deals with the things that the users can directly interact with such as audio, video, animation, content and everything on the website they can see and access. The front end developers have specialized skill for using HTML, CSS, Java script, JQuery and other languages. If the HTML is used for building blocks or the base of the website’s architecture, then CSS is applied for styling the website. It involves with the implementation of the page color, font, images etc.

The JavaScript on the other hand is the language that is used for coding the interactivities including the animations, videos and audio in the web pages. JS is also used for the back end coding but sometimes it becomes a complex affair for the developers so they strategize before applying it for the back end coding.

Back end development

The users have nothing to do with the back end development. Only the experts understand about the back end coding or the language used for that. You can call it the backbone of the website similar to what HTML does for the front end development. The trending back end programming languages are Ruby, PHP, and Python. Sometimes the job recruiters never clearly mention that they are hiring back end developers, rather they seek candidates such as PHP developers, Python certified professionals etc.

Full Stack development

It is the work of both the front end and the back end web development. Actually, the professionals are either working on the front end or the back end of the website but as they know the whole coding they can switch places anytime.

So, this is all you can know about the front end, back end, and full stack web development.

By Franklin Cedric