Important things to know before fixing cracked tablet screen

Cracking the front panel on your iPad or tablet from dropping it or crushing the device in some way can be traumatizing, especially if you use it daily for essential tasks. Leaving a screen cracked isn’t a good idea because you can injure your fingers touching the screen and exterior contaminants can get inside the device and damage components. You need to decide if you want to try repairing the broken screen yourself, having someone else repair it or replacing the device if more than the screen suffered damage. If you’re considering repairing the cracked iPad or tablet screen yourself, there are some important things you need to know before proceeding.

Risk involved

There’s always some sort of risk involved in repairing a broken screen or other tablet damage on your own. You could injure yourself or cause damage to the device that makes it impossible to repair. Before attempting to fix the iPad or tablet on your own, check to see if the warranty covers a broken screen and if it does, take it back to the manufacturer for repairs or replacement. Only attempt repairs of the device after you’ve explored all over option including filing an insurance claim and getting quotes on repairs through a reputable repair business. Remember that if the repairs go wrong, you may have to buy a new device.

Difficulty finding replacement parts

It can be difficult or even impossible to find the right replacement parts if you decide to fix your broken tablet screen on your own. Manufacturers don’t make it easy for just anyone to buy replacement parts for their devices, as they’re more interested in selling new products for a profit. Fortunately, several sites online have replacement parts for iPads and tablets as does eBay. Sometimes if you can’t find replacement parts, you can find a broken version of your device that may have the parts you need. No matter where you find replacement parts though, you’re taking a chance on damaging the device further with DIY repairs.

Right tools required

If you’ve ever looked at the back of your tablet or iPad, you know that they don’t use normal size or shape screws, which means you’ll need special tools to open the device. You may need to get a tool set that has tools including small Phillips head screwdrivers, hex head screwdrivers and nut driver bits because the interior of the phone may include all those fasteners. You’ll also need tools to pry open the outer case of the device. Remember that one slip with a tool can damage delicate components beyond repair, so it’s usually best to seek the help of a professional, like Forever Wireless.

Proper workspace

Repairing a broken iPad or tablet screen requires the proper workspace, you can’t just set everything out on a section of your kitchen or dining room table and expect things to go smoothly. Wherever you decide to work on repairs, make there aren’t any liquids or small objects nearby that could find their way inside the device. Give yourself plenty of room to work and have something to set tiny screws on that keeps them from rolling away or disappearing in the workspace. Wear a grounding wrist strap or use an antistatic mat to protect the device from electrostatic discharge.

Slow, careful process

Repairing an iPad or tablet with a cracked screen or other damage takes times and patience. You shouldn’t force anything and you need to document the steps you take so you can put everything back together properly. If you’re struggling removing the broken screen, check for screws you might have missed or an adhesive that’s still holding it together. Forcing the device apart can break more than the screen and render it useless.

When faced with a cracked iPad or tablet screen, the safest option is taking it to an experienced repair business where they have the right components, tools and work environment.

By Franklin Cedric