How to Capture High Class Images of a Live Sport Event?

High dynamic range or more commonly the HDR photography is an important aspect for the photographers in the current scenario. With the passage of time, the clients have become more and more demanding that has stretched the limits of a photographer and forced them to come up with newer and advanced technology. Especially when you are a photographer or cameraman for a sports channel, your task is even more difficult as with the moving players there is blur and aberration in your image and thus coverage can be affected in a big manner. The experienced photographers find a way out for all these complexities but for the beginners, it is not that easy.

As a beginner, you are sure to witness a lot of problems while capturing the coverage with chromatic aberration having its part. You can revert to the HDR capture tutorials on various websites such as for understanding the basics. In addition to that, you shall be watchful of the following things to have a good capture during the sports coverage:


The presence of ambient light is a very important factor in the dynamic capture as you have to adjust your shutter speed to very high levels. This, in turn will reduce the light that is entering your aperture, especially in the indoor captures or image capture in the shading lights. In such cases, you can make use of the flash light, increase the aperture but at the same time each one of them has some cons, so you must act wisely and according to the situation that is present before you.

Shutter Speed:

The adjustment of the shutter speed is a very important issue in case you are covering a sports event; you have to adjust the camera speed as per the pace of the game to have a perfect shot.  For enhancing the shutter speed, the most important requirement is the increase in the aperture which will increase the light and thus the exposure value. But at the same time, you may have to compromise on the depth by increasing the aperture area.You can learn more about the shutter adjustment on the

ISO Speed:

ISO speeds to be precise are the speed at which the sensor of your camera is able to capture the outside light. By increasing the ISO speed, you can also enhance the aperture area and the speed of the shutter. This will consequently help you toachieve a better capture of the moving players and balls in the sports ground.

By Franklin Cedric