How do hackers hack a person’s Instagram account?

Hackers do hack the accounts of Instagrammers in various ways. A highly popular method is social engineering. This process is useful for manipulating users whose Instagram accounts remain susceptible to various kinds of attacks. Some common processes of hacking the profiles of Instagram are:

  • Malicious software – When people have got a virus on their computers then their login details remain saved when they log into their accounts. They might end up downloading malicious software. Hackers can hack Instagram accounts of users if they download an attachment that has come from a suspicious email or click on a doubtful link. Several fraudulent sites utilize phishing methods for learning passwords.

Again, at times, they encourage individuals to sign up for accessing accounts. A determined cybercriminal does target accounts for cracking them but they use illegal software in the majority of nations.

  • Third-party applications – When you have got a sanctioned third party application which has got access to your account and if it gets hacked then you can assume that your information too has been compromised. It is possible via Instagram integrations besides linked platforms, like Facebook.
  • A weak password – When you utilize the same password and when it becomes a portion of data leak then you give cybercriminals a golden chance to hack your account. They can do this by utilizing the same password.
  • Access to a device – When you log into your account of Instagram on your computer or phone and when someone else accesses this device then that person can log in as well as hack your account effortlessly. When you have access to your phone or email then it can propose your hacker the verification code that he needs to log into your account. This will let him know about the password.
  • In-application scams – A few users receive a direct message right on their Instagram related to an infringement of copyright. This is considered an instance of phishing. This proposes the users with a link that hackers do utilize for tricking them into handing over their login credentials.

Method of recovering your hacked Instagram account

If you do suspect that your account has been compromised or hacked then you must take immediate action. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps for regaining access to your Instagram account:

  • Go through your email account to see if a message has come from Instagram
  • In the next step, you must request a login link
  • Additionally, you can also request support from Instagram or a security code

When people submit their requests, they get an auto-response email and it asks them to verify their identities. People are asked for one and sometimes, both:

  • People’s photo that shows they are holding a paper. The paper contains a handwritten code and this is provided by Instagram.
  • Their phone number or email address that they have used for signing up. Again, they need to mention the device too that they used at the time when they signed up, like iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.

Though there isn’t a 100 percent guaranteed method to stop hack Instagram account, you can make the process tougher for hackers to hack your account.

By Franklin Cedric