How Can A Help Line Number Can Stand By You In A Distress?

There are many people out there from teenagers to senior citizens that look forward to help while going through a critical time. This is the high time when calling up the helpline numbers can be of great help.

Well, to define a helpline number- it can be said that it is a facility that offers” non-judgmental listening services” for those who are in serious trauma and need help. Mostly, the service providers of the hotline offer help 24/7/365 while others have some specific hours..


These centers are formed by qualified individuals that are well aware of calming the person down. People suffering from severe additions such as of drugs, alcohol, smoking etc often call these hotlines for help. Some places offer help for those suffering from psychological disorders, trauma, fear, anxiety etc.

Some deal with the teenagers while some centers are available to help people from not committing suicides. Therefore, if you or any of your loved ones is going through a tough time and want serious help, keeping numbers phone number directory of these hotlines can be of great help.

So, let’s find out how you can be helped from the helpline?

Do you need to talk?

There are certain times in life when you need immediate help but you may not find anyone out there with whom you can share things. Often it happens to people who have families and even lots of friends. But there are certain things that we all must face in our lives that are hard to share with anyone. You don’t have to think alone or claustrophobic. If you have the helpline number where you can call and say your heart out.

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Are you alone and need help?

The best part is that you don’t know the person neither can you see him or her. All you need to do is to share what is running in your head or what went wrong with you for which you need immediate help. It is not always that people are suicidal or depressed after breakups or other personal professional issues. Sometimes they come across with issues such as domestic assault, physical assault, sexual assault and so on for which they get traumatized. If they call up the counselors via the helpline, they can be helped. Along with psychological support, the counselors out there can help them with legal support as well.

Get immediate help

From teenagers to seniors, the helpline are always there to help people out. Teenagers often come across with serious trouble in their relationship and suffer from acute depression. Some of them grow suicidal without the knowledge of their parents.

Seniors, living alone and abandoned by their children often suffer from serious depression that often led to serious illness of theirs. If they talk by calling at the helpline numbers, they can get instant help.

There are many spine-chilling real stories of people that have called these numbers before jumping off any building or cutting of their veins or gulping poisons. In most cases, these caregivers have successfully saved those lives.

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Author’s Bio – Geoff is a volunteer counselor at a hotline center. It is from the urge of saving people’s life, he started working in this field. Geoff most of the time share his stories in the articles he writes and others are on similar topics to make his readers get aware of the benefits of the helpline numbers.

By Franklin Cedric