Host your own server to get online

Domain name, website and web hosting servers are needed to take your already existed business online. Without hosting on the server, no site can be accessed.  Web hosting can be considered as the home for your website. As, there are millions of websites today operating on the internet, thus, it becomes difficult for the single server to manage all the websites. Therefore, the business of web hosting has flourished which enables the individual users to create their own server so that they enjoy smooth uploading and downloading of the files and the execution time is also less.

Types of web hosting servers

There are different types of website hosting servers and each has its unique features.

  • Dedicated hosting: In this type of hosting the client has full access and control to the server in addition to the root access on the administrator computer system. This type of web hosting servers is high speed and less downtime. In simple terms, it can be understood as the big server which serves only one website. There are many companies in UK which provide UK Dedicated servers to work online on owned server.
  • Shared hosting: This type of web hosting server is less expensive and the web server is shared by a number of clients. Since, the server is shared therefore; its speed is less than the dedicated web servers.
  • Free hosting: This type of web hosting server is free to access. It can be used by anyone by downloading from the reliable website. The revenue of the free hosting servers is generated by the advertisements posted on the websites.
  • Co located hosting: In this type of server, the server is located at the web host’s location. Other features are approximately similar to the dedicated web hosting servers.
  • Reseller hosting: The clients, who have bought the web server, can become the host by reselling the web server to some other clients. You can either sell the server or provide it on rent to the other clients and make money.
  • Cloud Hosting: In case of cloud hosting, the server is divided into the number of servers which enable less control on the host server. The expertise knowledge is required for partitioning servers into clouds.

VPS hosting

VPS hosting are the dedicated hosting servers which are within the shared environment. It enables the clients to achieve a balance between the power and control of the dedicated web servers. It helps in creating more space on the web server by partitioning. With the help of VPS hosting you can customize your section in the way you want. UK VPS is the great way to enjoy the high speed uptime and downtime. This type of hosting is required for various purposes. Business organizations use it to talk their business online while the individuals use it to get the efficient network system. Gamers use it for playing the multiplayer online games so that they can enjoy playing with their family and friends who are living abroad.

By Franklin Cedric