Here’s How You Can Make Money With Blogging In 2016

Internet has opened up a wide range of possibilities for a lot of people, and if you are smart enough, you can make ample money to sustain yourself. Amidst all the other options, blogging still remains one of the best ways to earn on the web. As a blogger and online entrepreneur, you have to understand, evaluate and measure your options, so that you can sustain yourself. The idea is to generate a good amount of regular income or a fixed massive return, which can help your bills. Here are some of the coolest ways to make money through blog monetization.


Plan website sale

Many bloggers make money just by buying domains and selling complete sites. All you have to do is invest in a blog and its contents for a few months. If the niche is right and the quality of content is good enough, the footfall of visitors will increase with time and you will see an improvement in ranking. Once the site gets continuous and sustainable traffic, you can sell it off for profit. In case your site is earning money with Adwords and other monetization tactics, make sure that you factor this element while selling a website.

Content sites

If you think you have a skill that can be sold online, try and build a blog out of it. Offer some of the basic things for free, so that the audience finds interest in your content, and for the rest of the expensive and premium stuff, you can charge a membership fee. You can choose to charge your clients based on every single module or chapter you sell or can offer a large one-time fee for life membership. With regular and genuinely exclusive content, you can expect to increase memberships every year. Many articles like 5 Blog Monetization Strategies That Work but You Aren’t Paying Attention To have a lot of information on offer for this aspect.



Adwords continues to be the most tested and safe ways to make money on a blog. If you are just looking for ways to add some regular income, Google can help you monetize your content. However, do make sure that you keep a check on content and focus on one or two niches at a time, so that the ad income is specific. Adwords income can be tracked easily and you can work with options and keywords to increase the same.


Get started now!

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Author Bio – Tim Rowe is an expert on online marketing and search engine optimization. He is also a passionate writer and likes to blog on his expertise for many websites and blogs as a guest author.

By Franklin Cedric