Guide on How to Cut a Video with Movavi Video Editor

Raw video footage are usually not perfect and contain some errors. Most people will edit their raw video footage to make it look more professional before uploading. If the video has a lot of errors, your audience may be put off and unsubscribe from your video channel. You don’t have to hire a video editing service to edit your video because it is just a simple work that you can do yourself with a basic video editor.

Many online video sharing sites do not provide any online video editor that allows you to edit the video prior to uploading it on your account. For this reason, it is worthwhile to spend money on a video editor software like Movavi Video Editor. Cutting an unwanted part in the video is an easy task that everyone can do.

The software is so easy to use that you don’t have to refer to any tutorial to learn how to cut a video. First, you must click on Add Media Files and navigate to the folder where you store the video file. You must choose the video file and click on the open button on the dialog box to load it into the timeline.

You will see that the video file you opened just now is in on the video track in the time line. There is a red vertical line, which functions to mark the area that you want to delete. Since you don’t know which part to delete, you should first play the video and preview it so that you know which part to delete. In Movavi Video Editor, you can play back the video and record down the time of the parts that you want to delete.

To delete a part of the video, you just drag the red vertical line to the start to of the unwanted part you want to delete and click the scissor button. The cut function is now enabled and will delete the selected part when you press the Del key.

The unwanted part can be selected by dragging your cursor starting from the red vertical line until to the end of the error part. The highlighted part will be red in color on the timeline track. You can also press Ctrl + X after selecting the part and press Ctrl + V to paste it in another area of the timeline.

It is important that move the red vertical line to the exact position on the part of the video that you want to delete. Sometimes, it can be hard to adjust the red vertical tine and you end up deleting a little bit of the video clip that you intend to keep. It is recommended that you don’t delete the original video in your camera storage disk or you can backup a copy on your computer hard drive.

In case you delete the wrong part and accidentally save it, you can always load the original video into the timeline and reedit it.  If you simply want to split a video, you just pull the red vertical line to the position where you want to divide the video into two and click the scissor button.

By Franklin Cedric