Great Plains Personalization Technologies – Highlights For Software Developer

When Microsoft acquired Great Plains Software after which integrated Great Plains into so-known as Microsoft Dynamics ERP items family as Dynamics GP, modification tools grew to become more Microsoft and .Internet oriented, as you can anticipate. In the first design in earlier 1990th Great Plains Dynamics was should have been multi platform product and it is basic principles were built on new technology named Great Plains Skill. Thinking about complicated origin of GP, let us review development tools:

1. Skill. Great Plains Skill, once we already pointed out may be the heart of GP design, which is consequently written because the covering in C programming language to secure certain versatility, particularly the choice to switch in one operating-system or computer platform to a different. Being very effective and versatile, Dex does not facilitate so-known as rapid development scenario because it is not object oriented also it requires you as programmer to possess numerous years of extensive Skill programming just before participation in Skill programming project. Skill features its own scripting language Sanscript. Latest versions of Dex support such awesome Microsoft technologies as COM objects and Web Services, plus you are able to call SQL Stored methods from Dex code. To obtain quick tour into Skill architecture, you might do the installation from GP CD #2 and open Dynamics.dic file – this dictionary has core GP logic which is designed in Skill

2. VBA and Modifier. I was watching carefully your competition between various GP customizing tools. So we still believe that Modifier ought to be reviewed just before eConnect. Modifier is within essence the module, designed in Skill, which enables you to definitely add buttons and fields to existing screens of GP in addition to take them of. To animate new fields you utilize VBA scripting language, frequently you utilize ADO technology to gain access to GP tables from modified forms

3. eConnect. This SDK opens for you personally GP objects: master records (customer, vendor, GL Account, worker, prospect) and work transactions (SOP invoice, Purchase Order, Payroll Entry). eConnect is dependant on encoded SQL stored methods, and it also has lots of layers of technology wrappers – and it’s also friendly for Microsoft Visual Studio C# or VB developer. If you’re integrating eCommerce website together with your GP back-office, we advise you to definitely consider eConnect because the primary integration tool, also consider Autoposting Server to publish batches of SOP invoices in GP

4. SQL Stored Methods Integrations. If you feel eConnect is simply too heavy and sophisticated and you’re comfortable to complete light SQL insert statement to populate GP tables, then SQL scripting is definitely an option. However, we discourage beginners from trying SQL insertion just before researching other integration tools first

5. GP Integration. Obviously integration is totally different from personalization, however we wish to orient you because well. GP typically has Integration Management Module. With current version 10. IM has new connectors – in the future you should use eConnect connectors to complete integrating.

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By Franklin Cedric