Funny Technology – Amazing Devices Which Make No Sense

We like technology so we rely on technology. There are lots of wonderful things which are available these days all because of science breakthroughs, but every so often an invention or two, or perhaps a product which goes available on the market, involves our attention that people can simply make a list of: who invented this and why?

Well if several things are useless a minimum of they’re funny, the most recent from the field of useless tech that grabbed attention was iCarta ipod device toilet tissue holder, a paper holder which has built-in ipod device pier and loudspeakers. What’s next, toilet tissue application, what exactly are we going related to either of those? Another crazy application that is not sensible, besides as being a awesome decoration, may be the Moonlight Cushion. This unique gadget, pillow, includes a built-in Brought source of light that changes colors just like a rainbow. So don’t confuse it having a mushroom trip, it is simply your bad investment or insufficient taste, the meals was fine.

For those who have a few 1000 of dollars to invest you might want to grab yourself the best toilet, the Intelligence Toilet 2. Personally with the functions and all sorts of things this toilet can perform for you personally I would rather visit the neighbors. It may look at your bodyweight, bloodstream pressure, measure urine temperature and keep an eye on woman’s cycle in addition to measure and keep an eye on your bloodstream sugar levels. You will get all this info on your pc. You heard right the bathroom . is directly associated with your pc. Now I am not to imply that this can be a useless tech gadget, it clearly includes a great use, I merely think it’s frightening and overpriced.

You will find 100s of incredible and misinterpreted tech items that hit the industry every year, some possess a use, some don’t, one factor is perfect for user, they create an excellent laugh.

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By Franklin Cedric