Codeless Test Automation Platform Offers Software Testing A New Shift

With the market and technology expansion, the practices of software testing also take a modern shift.  One such approach is the codeless test automation platform that replaces the techniques of traditional test automation and assures to take the test automation to further level assuring the software quality is not compromised or is in lesser cost.

The software testing roles in these years have gained high prominence. In fact, companies adhere to assurance program of mature quality such that it is very crucial to deliver quality and better products.

Software testing was a simple exercise till the last decade and it was manually performed with a tester working for a few hours in front of a system. It was the job of the tester to test the given application functions or performance. Now, it has become really complex in comparison to the past decade and this took place due to the technologies proliferation, the browsers, platforms and agile development cycles. The companies also are expected to fulfill the software testing requirements so that the overall maintenance and cost of the test cycles are realized. Thus, now there is a requirement to alternate the approach of traditional testing referred to as test automation.

Test Automation is another method or approach of software testing that the testers diligently automate as testing work. Actually, in the true sense, the automation of test maintenance and writing the cases was done using different frameworks and tools.  The test automation now is proving as an excellent way of testing and also in identifying the bus in the quickest frame time and this helps the fast release cycles. On doing it right, a competitive edge is provided to the given product quality and thus a mundane and repetitive efforts of testing is assured, while the testing cycles are accelerated.

Test automation already witnessed many changes in the past 12 to 24 months. There are also continuous open source automation tools being introduced in the market such that it offers better test coverage and ROI.

These automation tools have begun asking the ROI as now the testing process has become fast. This has helped several companies and they yield desired results with continuous updates and maintenance.

Considering the market current trend in application development cycles, one cannot afford to rely on one tool.  As the test automation solutions is code-based and faces challenges, the best solution offering efficient results is in codeless testing automation.

By Franklin Cedric