Care free texting –No hassles & no worries!

99% of our lives are tied to digital communication, whether it is through a paid phone subscription, free text service, or a trial Internet Service Provider (ISP) offer. We live so much of our lives online that we hardly know how to live “off line” anymore!

While that’s a good thing in some ways – speed, accuracy, multi-tasking – there are many downsides to it. Hacking.Phishing.Online Stalking. Password compromises….and much more. So the question is: Is online communication really safe and anonymous anymore?

Care free texting

The answer: It certainly can be…provided you know how to do it!


Whether you use your free texting service to chat or communicate with friends and family, you’re never really “safe” from online cyber stalkers or intruders. Always, at the back of your mind, you’re always worried whether your security has been compromised.

And there’s the need for anonymity. What if you meet someone online, but you don’t really want them to know who you are. It could be something as innocent as making an inquiry about a new product or service, or it could be a flirtatious text or message on a date site. You wouldn’t want someone to know your true identity until you are ready – would you?


But using conventional free text services or other messaging applications won’t help you there!


Free texting services are notorious for their inability to protect client confidentiality. But what if there was a way to totally obfuscate your identity and roam freely all over the internet. Whether you are surfing the web, making phone calls, testing, emailing – what if you could do it totally anonymously?

The Sudo App is a creation that does exactly that:

  • It creates multiple “hidden” personas for each of your personalities
  • It shelters the “real you” from everyone else online
  • It creates multiple, but working email addresses that you can use online
  • It generates private phone numbers for your use so you won’t have to give out your real one online


And all of this leaves you free to text to your heart’s content, or communicate in total obscurity without fear of hackers or online scammers. No one will know who you really are – unless you yourself choose to reveal your true identity.

So how does that happen? Through the use of the latest technology:

  • All communication between you and your target sites are entirely encrypted
  • The crypto-key to unlock that security lies on your device
  • No one can access your encrypted communications without accessing your device first!

This means that everything that happens on your device is totally secure and safe!

Free texting


Today’s technology puts the future into your palm right now! Free texting, online dating, and internet-based transactions have never been more secure and safe than they are today – largely because of the use of Sudo App. If its anonymity and discretion that you are looking for, then you need to make the leap now!

By Franklin Cedric