Buying Skype Credit: What You Need to Know

Skype is one of the world’s most popular online communications software programs. It was launched in 2003 as a simple VoIP tool. The program allowed two users with a Skype ID or Name to talk to each other directly. Originally, Skype was focused on the Swedish market, and it wasn’t long before the program began to expand further. Today, Skype is the most widely used VoIP tool. It was bought out by Microsoft Communications in 2011 for a record $8.5 billion. Microsoft acquired all the technologies of Skype along with the purchase.

Skype ID or Name

When it was acquired, Skype offered a whole suite of services apart from voice calling. For instance, you could use the Skype software program to talk to others, or exchange files, data and other information. You could also place video calls and talk to people in conferences and groups. After acquisition, Microsoft began to integrate Skype into its own suite of products and apps. Skype was pre-installed on all Microsoft devices, and a separate version for business owners was also introduced.

Skype software program

What Is Skype Credit Used For?

Registered users in the Skype directory can talk to each other free of charge. All you have to do is add the other person on your Skype ID and start talking. It’s a very simple, two-click process. However, what if you want to place a call to an actual mobile or landline number? In order to do that, you will have to purchase Skype credit. Skype credit allows you to buy minutes that you can use in order to talk to people all over the world. The rates usually vary depending upon the country where the other person is located. You can get Skype credit on sale now at Many people who use Skype as their primary app often use Skype credit in order to make calls. The lightweight mobile app is a great option for people who want another option to contact their friends and family members.

Skype Credit Used For

Where to Buy Skype Credit

There are several ways for you to buy Skype Credit. The most obvious option is to visit the official Skype website, log in with your registered username and password, and then click on Top Up Skype Credit. However, there are many other places where you can buy Skype credit on the cheap. For instance, websites such as SEA Gamer Mall offer users a great option of buying Skype credit at a much lower price than the market rate.

Buy Skype Credit

Before you buy Skype credit from anywhere, make sure you do your research carefully. It is important to make a few comparisons of all the different places that sell credit so that you can find the lowest rate. Skype credit will allow you to make calls and stay in touch with your family and friends all over the globe without having to leave your seat!

By Franklin Cedric