Boost Growth by Upgrading Your Web Forms

When a consumer visits your website, it is similar to them visiting a brick-and-mortar business. They may already know what they need or just be looking for an opportunity to browse. They may want assistance and it should be available immediately, but it should not be forced upon them as soon as they enter the store. Due to the increase in identity theft and the mistrust of most online advertisers, consumers are going to be suspicious of most web forms that require information before they are able to enter your website.

Why We Need Web Forms

Web forms are necessary for businesses to collect customer information so they can tailor their online environment to meet the needs of consumers. They are also useful for:

  • Increasing your client database
  • Providing sales leads for future contact
  • Growing online interest groups
  • Tailoring your online deals to match your specific visitors

Why Are Web Forms Scary?

Providing your personal information can be scary, especially over the internet. Most consumers have heard about the problems with data integrity suffered by companies and are wary of giving their information out in an electronic form. This means to collect data from customers, you must first have their trust. They have to understand that you will respect their privacy and will keep their personal information secure. They also have to trust that you will not send them millions of emails every week with new and exciting offers for items that they do not need or want.

What Your Business Can Do

Since web forms are such a source of tension for consumers, our job as advertisers on websites is to decrease that tension in any way possible. This can be as simple as only asking for the data you absolutely need from your customers.

Studies have demonstrated that the fewer fields you have on your web forms, the more likely it is that a consumer will complete the form. Consumers will feel safer giving you a small amount of information and, in turn, you will get information from a larger number of clients.

The bottom line is, if you remove superfluous fields from your web forms, you will start earning the trust, and information, that you need from your customers.

By Franklin Cedric