Be Prepared For The Unexpected With A Vinyl Skin

So you finally upgraded to a new iPhone 6s, and you’re excited to explore the new iOS shortcuts, play around with the 3D Touch, and take a few selfies with the improved camera. As with any new iPhone user, you predict you’ll be using the 6s to text, talk, and tap your way through apps for years to come; but if you’re like most iPhone users, it might not be years. When roughly 30% of all iPhone users have damaged their phone sometime in the last 12 months, you could be looking at a lifespan of mere months. Considering the cash you had to slap down for the 6s, you don’t want anything to happen to your baby. To keep damages from ruining your favourite phone, invest in a vinyl skin.

Any generation of iPhone is prone to damages. Shattered screens, nicked casings, broken buttons – it all seems par for the course. After all, everyone is carrying this relatively small piece of delicate technology around everywhere they go. Fast-paced lifestyles following hectic schedules can sometimes force you into situations that practically guarantee some form of damage. Even something as simple as texting can lead to some serious destruction, when the phone slips from clumsy fingers down a staircase or onto the road.


One way to guarantee your new 6s stays in mint condition is to never use it, but we all know how unlikely that’s going to happen. When admiring it from its box isn’t an option, vinyl skins are the next best thing. A good quality skin protects your latest acquisition by creating a barrier between your phone and the elements. The vinyl is strong enough to withstand scratches, dents, and even grime, so it will keep your iPhone looking like new. Its material also provides some much-needed grip, so you’re less likely to drop your phone and cry over a shattered screen.

What it adds in grip, it doesn’t add in bulk. It adheres to your phone much like a sticker would, so in defending your iPhone from damage it won’t interfere with the 6s’ sleek and diminutive style. Indeed, you’ll probably forget that it’s on there at all, considering how light weight and comfortable iPhone 6s skins are.  The best iPhone 6s skins are made out of famed 3M vinyl, and the best providers know exactly how to cut it to provide the most precise fit. You don’t want to battle with unwieldy flaps that don’t quite match the dimensions of your phone or a cover that interferes with the Touch ID sensor, so make sure you find a provider that can guarantee a tight fit. It is, after all, called a skin – so it should fit like it! In shopping around, you’ll find out that the iPhone 6s skins from dbrand provide the most exact fit, as they’ve perfected their process down to the very millimetre.

Of course, you’ll never exactly forget that you have a skin protecting your phone. That’s because they come in a variety of cool colours and textures to make your iPhone your own. Say goodbye to the boring metallic that every iPhone user shares, and say hello to something unique! Apply a vinyl skin to your 6s and forget your worries. Unexpected mishaps might still happen, but they won’t damage your phone.

By Franklin Cedric