Be free from managing and controlling lengthy paper documents

Whether you are managing a company or an individual business or just a corner in the office and even if you are a researcher with loads of stuff to take care of, a document management system is the most important thing have access to so that you can have a mess free system which is organised and does not take you hours to find and store new or existing documents. Document driven business are the most important sectors that requires the attention and organisation of proper structuring and methods that will keep data and information recorded in a way that will make work life easier for you to manage.

document management system

Cloud based content solution

Mostly focussed in cloud based content solutions, Square9 offers the most innovative and structured way of managing document data through the systems of web forms management, variable data printing, document capture and content management. Estab9ilished in 2001, it has gradually made its way up to one of the most preferred software management tools. In 2006 it started with the SmartSearch product line category that includes the GlobalSearch, GlobalCapture and the GlobalForms. From image processing and document capture to web based solution for tracking and storing data and document delivery. All in all a complete solution to all the existing document management system problems.

The SOA way

Square9 offers the most preferred management software technologies that will integrate all your business applications into one reliable system. The technology works on the base of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and is built utilising a Microsoft SQL Server Database. Therefore you are sure to get the maximum results from your cloud based content management system. Apart from the three main products mentioned it offers various other useful management systems as well such as the GlobalSync, Automated Extraction, Work Xchange, KeyFree Indexing and much more. Therefore if you are wondering what to do with the stacks of paper lying on your office desk, then without hesitation switch over to Square9 management systems.

By Franklin Cedric