Objectives Of The Web And Social Media Marketing Platform

The general objectives of the web and social media marketing software platform and services are Public relation, brand visibility and brand awareness – spread news and information regarding your business, brand or products to some broad(er) audience who will probably share it to their personal systems. Brand consistency during your online web and social networking […]

Reviewing Digital Transformation For The Basics!

As a business owner, you probably have a hands-on approach to management, partly because you are keen on cutting costs and retaining control. However, in the digital age, you cannot move away from technology and solutions that make business easy. That’s exactly where something like digital transformation comes in the picture. While there is no […]

Cable TV Advertising Has a Large User Base Even in the Digital Era

Cable TV advertising is one of commonest ways of streaming the ads among audiences. In the presence of several television channels in today’s world, the same advertisements displayed on different channels can be watched many times by the people even after switching the TV channel from one to other. In digital era, TV advertising can […]

Codeless Test Automation Platform Offers Software Testing A New Shift

With the market and technology expansion, the practices of software testing also take a modern shift.  One such approach is the codeless test automation platform that replaces the techniques of traditional test automation and assures to take the test automation to further level assuring the software quality is not compromised or is in lesser cost. […]

What kind of Choice should be for Learning Management System

The choice of e-learning services along with the software should be in such a manner that the learning management system should be able to comply along with getting integrated with the present systems. It should also be able to encourage the learners to make the most of the new available system largely. It would reduce […]

the secrets of a effective viral marketing campaign

Three deadly myths of viral marketing “Viral” is really a term that’s tossed around very loosely by marketers nowadays, that has muddled the real concept of the word. Listed here are three common misconceptions about viral marketing which will disaster any campaign to failure from the beginning: Myth #1: Viral marketing = Share buttons Making […]

Confused About The Hype Around Fintech? Here’s Your Guide!

Many entrepreneurs believe that the word ‘FinTech’ is being overused in the financial sector. For the uninitiated, it stands for Financial Technology, simply called fintech or FinTech. Fintech is obviously important, because it redefines how people use financial services and has changed the way businesses operate in this sector. Here are some quick facts worth […]

Website design helps the front end development of a website

Colors play a vital role in the website designing. Including neutral colors such as grey, black and white make the primacy brand colors outstanding. The front end development in a website design is referred to as the development at the client side. This is a practice to produce HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for website or […]