Ask These Five Questions Before Hiring A SEO Company

No matter how much you spend on paid promotions and search engine marketing, your website cannot see sustainable growth without search engine optimization. SEO has changed and evolved with time, especially with all the major changes in Google algorithms. Despite changes in the approach, the need for SEO remains constant, and it is important for every business to spend time on optimizing both on-page and off-page element. If you don’t have the time to devote to SEO, you can hire a firm that can handle the entire work for a fixed charge every month. With so many services around, how do you make a choice? Here are the questions that must be answered before you sign the contract.

  • How much do you charge every month? Usually, SEO packages are designed in a customized way for every client, and most professional firms would make an offer after checking your website. It may be important to make relevant changes in the website, for which additional charges may apply, mainly if there are changes in design and features. Steer clear of companies that insist on setup fees.


  • Will you offer a completely strategized plan? SEO is totally scalable, and it is possible to understand the overall results and achievements. Look for SEO web services that are ready to offer regular reports, which are either given on a monthly or fortnightly basis as requested by the client.
  • Who are your clients? A good company will never shy away from showing off their work. There is no harm in asking for a few references, especially if you aren’t sure of their actual market reputation. You can also seek a few case studies as how their services and approach have helped clients in achieving results.
  • Do you revise your plans? Search engine optimization is an evolving step, and it is important to revise and change the tools and policies with changing norms and algorithms of search engines. Ask a company how they plan to deal with sudden updates released by Google.


  • Do you offer other forms of marketing? If a company can handle SEO with paid marketing and search engine marketing, it can be an added advantage. At the end of the day, it is important to leverage all the elements of online marketing, so as to get both traffic and ranking in a sustainable way.

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