Artificial Intelligence and Joke Telling Robot Androids

We all know that humans bond in lots of ways. Frequently while discussing a typical event of adversity that they over come something. Sometimes through laughter, jest or perhaps a humorous event? Let’s say we’re able to program artificial intelligent robot androids to look for anomalous occasions and spin them into jokes and display a spontaneity? This may help humans bond using their android assistants?

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Some say this really is impossible to program into a man-made intelligent machine? Impossible is really a funny word, as two centuries ago someone might state that a man-made intelligent robot was impossible, but I don’t think anybody says this now. I must request individuals developers How can you offer bond an android robot if you fail to accomplish this? And everyone knows that the very enjoyable connecting tool happens through jokes, laughter and humor.

This is challenging for future robot artificial intelligent developers, personally I’m not accepting the work they do until they make it happen and believe we have to hold their ft towards the fire until they are doing. We ought to not accept mediocrity in programming and should challenge our rising, frequently boastful developers to place up or shut up.

To state “Humor is really a sophisticated human trait” indeed, but Whales, apes and dogs get it done. Surely we are able to design that as well. I am unable to permit the excuse of difficulty to shun this type of responsibility obviously and request that you simply avoid making excuses for developers of artificial intelligence, we have to have high anticipation than this, we want humor from your robots. Think about this in the year 2006.

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By Franklin Cedric