Are Tags Still Important for SEO in 2016?

Are you looking to enhance your site’s visibility, increase traffic and boost the revenue of your brand? If so, running a strong SEO Singapore campaign is a must. Although off-site practices like developing social media presence and building backlinks are good to boost the rankings of your website, on-page optimization is the most important.

When it comes to on-page SEO, the most vital aspects is tags. Whether it is header tags, title tags, blog post tags or Meta tags, they are proven to increase site traffic and boost user engagement. But, are they still as necessary and effective this year as they have been before?

Title Tags

Search engines use title tags for determining the topic of a page. Tags are displayed in SERPs. A great title tag will show what users can expect from a web page before they click.

Importance of Title tags for SEO This Year

A recent study shows that the shift of Google toward semantic search could impact the title tag’s relative value. The study revealed that a keyword-optimized title tag was related to a better ranking; however, with smaller correlation that it used to have.

Findings claim that search engines no longer require the inclusion of a precise keyword in a title tag to interpret the subject matter of a page. But Google will still compare a title tag to other page content to guarantee the consistency of keywords when indexing and ranking pages which still make it a vital SEO component.

Header Tags

Header tags are the HTML markup used for distinguishing headings and subheadings within a content from other kinds of text. Today, the use of these tags has become a source of debate. Prior to the popularity of HTLM5, it was normal to include only one H1 tag within a content and such tag’s contents were seen to be quite influential when it come to on-site SEO.

But today, multile H1 tags can already be used on a per-section basis, lessening the significance of header tags hierarchy and encouraging Google to be less simplistic in their page analysis.

Importance of Header Tags this Year

Findings of research show an increase in the number of web designers considering header tags. When it comes to on-site SEO, header tags still stay. Careful optimization can result in major increases in rankings.

Blog Post Tags

The majority of blogging platforms allow users to add contextual tags to their posts. Blog posts tags are part of the taxonomy of websites. Blogging platforms make use of taxonomies for classifying and better organizing information. They offer visitors a list of posts that are grouped by more specific topic than categories. Blog post tags can be important to the visitors of a site and to search engines. For site visitors, it enhances the site’s usability when it comes to being able to determine posts which cover particular topics. For Google, it makes it easy for it to interpret the content of a page helping a site get better ranking.

By Franklin Cedric