Android spy apps: When your kids tell you not to come close to their cell phones

 “Back off! Or I will call the police”. Something dramatic like that came up a few days ago when a father was arrested for confiscating his daughter’s cell phone. Luckily, for other parents, there are lessons to learn from the incident.

Kids feel very personal about their electronic devices like smartphones and tablets, because it’s the epicentre of all their secrets. So if parents can ever get their hands onto their kids’ cell phone, they are getting a lot of useful information that can be used for better parenting. However, kids won’t understand sharing their personal information with parents. That’s whenAndroid spy appsrole comes handy. These apps can remotely access your kid’s Android smartphone and retrieve logs like calls, SMS, contacts, browsing history, emails, and online activity from different social media websites and apps. But there is a catch, not every spy app is same. That’s why, parents needs to take a hard look at finding the right app for their kids. The underlying mechanism is same for all spy apps though: you get an app, and then download and install it onto the target smartphone.An online control panel will allow you to access data from the monitored devices. But if you are using xnspy, there are a few added benefits, and that’s why, we want you to look at what this app has to offer.

XNSPY Dashboard app

Online control panels rely on the web browsers of smartphones or computers that you are using to monitor your kids’ electronic devices. But that can bring in a lot of discomfort if your web browser continues to crash. But even if it doesn’t, there is nothing that can match the comfort and convenience of a customised CP app. That’s just one reason why this app is a great solution for parental monitoring.


A complete social media tracker

Kids use their gadgets to access social media for most of the time. And that’s why if you want to know what they are up to, social media tracking is pertinent. There are many different kinds of app that kids, and especially teens, are using. They include, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype and Kik etc. XNSPY will track all the aforementioned apps, including call logs, chats and shared multimedia from these apps.

GPS tracker with geofencing

GPS tracking is not something exclusive to Xnspy, but there is something extra that you get with this app. It will provide you real-time location address with date and time stamps. But real-time location monitoring isn’t enough. Parents can sit down in front of their computers to monitor their kids in real-time. That’s when location history logs and geofencing plays part. Parents can create geo-fences around places that they don’t want their kids to be at. So whenever kids will enter those areas, alert notifications will instantly inform parents of the unauthorised access.

XNSPY is one of those android spy apps that parents can easily rely on. It’s new, but offers great features at an amazing price of just $8.33/month.

By Franklin Cedric