Acquire the Best Cuisines at Home through TinyOwl Food Ordering

The online stores and shopping portals have emerged as a convenient source to order a variety of products with a click of a button. You must have ordered clothes, footwear and other accessories from the online websites but have you ever ordered food online? Yes, you can order online your favorite cuisines and delicacies using this amazing app called TinyOwl. The app is compatible with your smart phones and offers some amazing and useful features that help to serve the users.

The TinyOwl app has emerged as one of the best food ordering apps in Mumbai. This venture was in fact initiated in Mumbai and within a short time span people across Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Gurgaon were served with the services of this company. The TinyOwl app is owned by TinyOwl Technology Pvt. Ltd which is a start-up based in Mumbai. The owner of TinyOwl is Harshvardhan Mandad. Some people compare TinyOwl with apps like Zomato but this online food ordering platform is much smarter and faster. On the days when you feel lazy to cook food and wish for something amazing and delicious for dinner then you don’t have to think much. Just open your smart phone and use the app by TinyOwl to locate some of the best restaurants in your town or city.

Easy-To-Use Interface

One of the basic advantages of this app is its interface. The app offers a user-friendly home page that has all the options available which can guide the person step by step to conveniently order food online. The app also keeps a check of all your previous and present orders.

Location Feature

To avoid any difficulty is figuring out the exact location of the user, this app offers an amazing feature that records the user’s current destination. So, he/she is offered with a list of restaurants and food joints near to their locality. No one would prefer food delivery to be late and with the availability of this feature time is managed in a better way.

Wide Range of Cuisines

TinyOwl saves the user’s location and offer different restaurant options based on that data. The user is offered with the name of the food joints along with their menu. You can order food from a single restaurant or from different restaurants. The app offers an option to pay separately for orders from multiple restaurants.

Offers and Deals

You can order online food without any hassle using this amazing TinyOwl app. It not only offers an excellent customer experience but serves them with different deals that prove very beneficial. There are different deals which are available each day. The customer’s can effectively use them while ordering food from TinyOwl.

Easy Payment Options

When you order food using TinyOwl then you are not only offered with mouth-watering cuisines but also with some flexible payment options. The bills can be easily paid using your credit or debit card. There are also options to pay through net banking. There are several restaurants that also offer cash-on-delivery option which means that the bill can be paid at the time of food delivery.

Efficient Customer Support

For the success of any venture it is very important that the functioning is efficient. TinyOwl has a good customer support team that provides time-to-time update regarding the orders placed. Information regarding the estimated time and the delivery date is also offered to the customer. If there is any query or problem with the order one can contact the customer support which is always willing to help.

Final Words

TinyOwl has been tagged as one of the growing ventures in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Gurgaon. You can order food from various restaurants in your vicinity without any hassle. TinyOwl offers some brilliant features that make it more advanced in comparison to apps like Zomato. Make the best use of this app to order delicious food online along with a quicker delivery option.

By Franklin Cedric