A Helpful Guide To Laser Tag Singapore

Sports are no longer limited to just indoor or outdoor sports. These days, they can be indoor sports as well as outdoor sports. There are various activities like laser tag, paintball, and the like that can be enjoyed but inside as well as outside. Laser tag is a fun and recreational activity that involves shooting where the players need to use light guns that are infrared emitting and need to tag the targets. Players also need to wear devices that are infrared sensitive for signaling other players. Here is a beginner’s guide to laser tag Singapore and how to find the best of them.

Rules of laser tag

While the rules for laser tag varies from player to player as well as the equipment used, the most common rules are as follows.

  • The most common goal of laser tag is to ‘Capture the flag’. This means that the player needs to capture the flag of the opposing team, bring it back to their own base, and then they need to protect the flag.
  • Another general rule of Laser Tag Singapore is to ‘Protect the VIP’ which means to protect the person who has the tag of VIP.
  • The next rule is to ‘Capture the base’ in which the players need to attack and capture their opponents base and then defeat the bases they have captured.

It should also be noted that physical contact among any players will lead to a penalty as it is not allowed.

As opposed to popular opinion, laser tag is not painful and does not hurt when it hits the body. Unlike paintball, it is not filled with hard hitting materials. Rather, it is made of infrared rays which when shot does not hurt and stain your outfits.

By Franklin Cedric